India v/s the United States: Should You Go Abroad or Not?

There can be many reasons for you to study overseas, where international certification and recognition are the most primary reasons for it. There are prominent reasons behind wanting to pursue an overseas education for Indian students in particular. India is a developing country with an alarming rate of rising population, which is creating an environment of competition among the citizens of India. Among all that many students prefer foreign education, which enables them to stand out from the crowd.

However, the tendency to get a visa depends on several factors such as the honesty of your documents, the mind awareness and knowledge if there is an interview, and the situation in which you are currently applying. The race behind the idea of going abroad is very intense, which makes it very complicated to find a worthy visa consultant to help you out with the visa application. But no worries, we recommend seeking help from the best immigration consultants in Jalandhar if you lack the resources to find the rate of trust in a visa consultant.

In this article, we will try to cover as many reasons as possible to find out whether you should go abroad or not:

Going abroad depends on many reasons like your mental, physical, and financial state, and several other factors. Let’s discuss those reasons and compare India and America in terms of education and other factors.

The visa approval commonly depends upon the following situations:

Mental State: is a key factor in deciding whether you are fit for a foreign education, where you will constantly be surrounded by strangers and a different environment than you are used to living in. The Overwhelmness can be overwhelming to overcome. However, reading this article is a direct indication of you being in good mental health, but should be wise enough to know that you can survive the changes when going for an overseas education.

Physical and Financial State: is a direct indication of whether you can afford the adaptation to a foreign culture. Finance is crucial because everything we do in this world has a price on it. Physical fitness is not a vital aspect of getting an education abroad because you are still welcome to study, even though you are physically challenged.

Other factors: include the mood of the authorities because there is an interview for getting a visa for the US.

India v/s the United States: People tend to get inclined towards foreign education more and more because of the reasons we all are aware of. But still, let’s look at the following if you find yourself stuck in the dilemma of India or the United States;


The most prominent reason that students should go find a visa consultant for their immigration is education. In India, students are continuously learning a monotonous routine of the same theoretical cramming. It does not prepare them to excel directly in their internship and then work. On the other hand, universities push international students to arouse and test their curiosity to get a better understanding of their concepts. Hands-on practice and more practical knowledge are something that they acquire with global recognition of their accomplishments.


In the context of education, physical fitness, and the overall growth of a child, the environment in the US is quite flourishing. The same can be said about India, but not as promising as the United States. Faculty, clean air, good infrastructure of buildings, and the nature of the students you learn with are all debatable topics in terms of their role in a student’s development. Therefore, it solely depends on the choice of your interests and preferences, which include your nature and the people you want yourself to surround with.

However, to surround your application with good visa consultants, contact the best USA study visa consultants.


Along with all the above, there are abundant other things that are worth considering about whether to stay in India or go to the US for further studies. Work prospects, population density, and work-life balance are all the plus points of getting an education from abroad. Don’t consider this article an advertisement promoting foreign education and criticizing India. I just want you to consider your situation and make a choice depending on the interests of your intellectual horizon.

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