Instructions by phone repair stores to fix a damaged charging port!

Charging port problems is a common issue that users get to face with their smartphones. One can damage their charging port easily if they are using the same charging USB for various smartphones.

A wrong charging cable will not only damage your charging port but eventually damage your phone at one point when the battery has to put extra effort to be charged. Also, the charging ports are vulnerable when the phone is being charged, and if you accidentally drop your phone or the cable gets pulled during this time, the pins can get bent easily with the plug, which might increase the risk of damaging things from short circuits. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the instructions that the phone repair stores give to their customers for fixing the damaged port. 

So, without further ado, let’s start with how to figure out that your port has been damaged.

Signs of a damaged charging port notified by phone repair stores:

  1. Broken Pins in the charging port: 

The number one sign of a damaged charging port is the broken pins in the charging port. The pin might be stuck inside the port, which will make the charging impossible. 

  1. Debris in the charging port:

Debris inside the charging port affects the efficiency. If you feel like your charging port efficiency is being affected by the debris stuck in it, shine the light to see in it. 

  1. Open phone charger port:

Have you ever had to hold your phone at a particular angle to charge quickly? It might be because your part has become loose. If that is the case, it needs to be repaired sooner rather than later. If you keep charging it in this condition, it is likely to cause more damage. 

  1. Problems with the adaptor:

Fixing a damaged charging port:

These are some of the instructions recommended by phone repair stores like True Geek LLC

Changing the charger:

One way to fix your charging port is by changing the charger because there might be a problem with your charger. You can try this by testing the plugin on different phones and see if it is working as usual. If the charger is not even working on different phones, you can try using a sewing needle to pry up the metal pins for better contact. But be sure that you do not bend them too far or break them!

USB port:

In most situations, the USB port is the source of the problem. The constant insertion of the charger connection into the USB port might wear out the connections. Dirt, dust, and lint can clog the port as well.

Then, using a dry toothbrush, clean the battery and the USB port. If this does not remove all of the dirt, try a needle, a toothpick, or a small piece of plastic. After clearing all of the debris and dust, reconnect the charger, and the phone should operate normally again.


Perhaps the issue is with the battery. Examine its overall shape: is it bent or misshapen? Don’t be afraid to place it on the table and spin it around like a top. If it spins, it signifies it’s twisted and has to be replaced.

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