Is Singapore good for bachelors?

Universities in Singapore are considered the best universities in Asia. Along with local educational institutions, branches of leading European universities operate here. Every year, 150+ thousand foreigners receive bachelor degrees in Singapore. Read everything about Is Singapore good for bachelors below in detail.

Why study in Singapore?

  • The prestige of education with worldwide recognition of diplomas.
  • Education in Singapore for foreigners is conducted in English.
  • Large selection of educational programs.
  • The opportunity to attend free training.
  • Accommodation in campus dormitories and use of the infrastructure.
  • Modern buildings and classrooms.

Features of admission to universities

Studying in Singapore meets international educational standards. Students receive a bachelor’s degree in 2-4 years, a master’s degree – in 1-2 years, a doctor of science – in 2-4 years.

Many universities accept students for undergraduate studies based on a certificate. However, to enter the campuses of Australian universities in Singapore, you will need to complete the Foundation preparatory program (12th year of school).

The second prerequisite for successful admission is the IELTS or TOEFL English proficiency exams. If you have not taken IELTS or TOEFL, you can take an English course before starting an educational program.

Singapore Universities

Public and private universities operate in Singapore. The National University of Singapore trains specialists for government agencies, medical institutions, social, engineering, environmental services.

The Management Development Institute of Singapore is one of the best universities in Singapore. And specializes in training future media workers, psychologists, hotel managers, fashion designers.

The James Cook University campus is focused on training personnel for different areas of business.

The campus of the Australian Curtin University prepares specialists in the field of international commerce, marketers, financiers, accountants.

East Asia Institute of Management. Education at the East Asia Institute of Management is conducted according to educational programs of British universities. The certificate of completion of the English language courses at the university gives the right to study undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

The ERC Institute graduates a generation of business leaders. The training programs provide for the study and analysis of real business cases.

Bachelor’s Degree – Undergraduate

To be eligible to study for a bachelor degree in Singapore you need to have 12 years of school. However, for more accurate information, you need to contact the admissions office of a particular university, because some of them may only require 11 years of school. Usually, you won’t have to wait long, because the universities are interested in helping you.

Admission requirements differ depending on the chosen profession. For example, for humanities, there will be an increased demand for a good level of English, while for technical specialties, mathematics will be a priority. In addition to the basic requirements, extracurricular and other academic achievements will be a great advantage.

To familiarize yourself with and submit a complete list of required documents, you need to go to the appropriate section on the website of the desired university. It is highly recommended to constantly monitor the information because universities often change or supplement the list of requirements.

Singapore’s educational institutions have a tough discipline. Students have special cards that need to be scanned at the beginning of each lecture. If a foreign student missed 20% of the lectures, he may be expelled and his student visa revoked. The entire undergraduate study process in Singapore takes about 4 years, but in medical specialties, it can usually take longer. Hope you love reading about Is Singapore good for bachelors.

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