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Israel and Palestine Conflicts

The Arab Israeli wars were a series of military conflicts between Israeli forces and various Arabic armies, most notably in 1948–49 (the lift), 1956/1967, 1973and1982. This article focuses on those that involved outside Palestine based troops for coverage specifically pertaining to the Palestinian issue see also: Israel -Intifada & Gaza Strip.

Although the UN had voted in favor of partitioning Palestine into Jewish and Arab states, clashes broke out between these two groups almost immediately after implementation. The fighting got so bad that it eventually led to one side being told they could no longer live there- leaving them with only half their original land mass for themselves!

The British withdrawal from Palestine, which had been under their control since 1920 led to increasing tensions between Jewish and Arab forces. On April 9th, 1948, an attack by the Stern Gang in Dayr Yasi sun left 48 dead; days later Arabic army units surrounded a bus filled with Jews headed for Hadassah Hospital killing 78 people altogether before it could reach its destination.

On May 15, 1948, the British forces withdraw from Israel. That same day she declared independence and immediately Arab League troops occupied areas of southern Palestine not allotted to Jews by UN Partition Plan as well as eastern Jerusalem including what is now known at Old City’s Jewish quarter where they committed several massacres before being driven out later that summer after heavy fighting between Israeli soldiers backed upby air force pilots like Yossi Goldman who would go on come back time after again helping save his people against all odds

The first modern battle fought entirely with planes was also notable because it featured heavily upgraded Messerschmitt109s used.

In March of the following year, Israel launched a sweeping campaign to reoccupy all territory held by Jordan. The goal was twofold: restore law and order in response largely blaming incidents such as Dayr Yasemin while also declaring that Arab states were allowing their citizens who had fled therefrom return home without any hope for asylum or refuge; secondly regain control over key highways leading southwestward towards Jerusalem through what are now known “the Hillsides Territories.”

In 1949 an Israeli offensive successfully occupied nearly half-Negev – including most importantly Gaza strip which lies entirely outside recognized borders but still.

The Nakba, or the Arab Israeli conflict is a scar that will not heal anytime soon. It’s an open wound to this day and has been ever since Israel was established as its newest member in 1948 with help from international community despite being one of their own countries who suffered during these events but still helps them out when needed because we can’t let evil prosper right?

In 1956, Gamal Abdel Nasser became the president of Egypt, and he immediately took an aggressive stance against Israel. This led France to strike a deal with them – they would let Israeli ships pass through their canal so long as it was only temporary; meanwhile Eilat (a port located near what is now known as Port Said) had been blockaded by Egyptian forces which made trade nearly impossible for local businesses there.

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