Why Is Kedarkantha Trek Best Choice for Travelers to Visit in 2021?

Kedarkantha Trek is a relatively easy trek, located in the Himalayas, and its the best choice for travelers coming from all over India.


Kedarkantha Trek is a relatively easy trek, located in the Garhwal region of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand. It is one of the two summits located in the 12,500 feet Himalayan Range. Its snow-clad mountains and astounding views of the Himalayan peaks make it a trekker’s delight. Additionally, you get to experience the culture at one of the remotest villages in the world. 

The trek starts from Sankri in Uttarakhand. Sankri is one of the remotest villages in India. The total distance of this trek is 23 km. The Kedarkantha trek is 12,500 ft above sea level.

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Best time to visit:

Kedarkantha is open during all seasons except monsoons. However, spring and summer are perfect if you want to enjoy the warm weather. This trek becomes a little challenging during the winter season. Winter is the best time to trek as people enjoy trekking through the sparkling snow between December and March. The trekkers get to trek over a blanket of snow surrounded by forests, surrounded by white mountains. Thus the beauty during the winter season is unparalleled. 

How to Reach Kedarkantha?

First, you have to reach Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, accessible from all parts of India. You can reach there by road, air or rail. On reaching Dehradun, hail a cab or book a ticket for a bus which will take you to Sankri, a remote village at the start of the Kedarkantha Trek. 

Level of Difficulty:

Kedarkantha, in general, can be categorized as an easy to moderate level trek. The climb is steady. There are some steep sections spread out, of course, but they are easy to handle when well-prepared. Only the trek after Kedarnath is a little strenuous. It may be a little challenging during the winter season, though. The trek is covered with thick snow, which can sometimes be knee-deep, making this trek a little difficult. Mostly, anyone who can bear the cold weather can go for this trek. 

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Level of Fitness Required

You should be physically fit and in good health condition if you want to attempt this trek. Sankri is the last point where you can find medical assistance. As you reach the top of the peak, oxygen levels start decreasing. Hence you should have a strong respiratory system, and your vital perimeters like oxygen level, pulse rate, and blood pressure should be at normal levels. 

Camping at Kedarkantha:

Kedarkantha is a popular winter trek for winter souls. Obviously, there are no hotels or guesthouses at the base camp or the summit. However, you can find accommodation at Sankri. Coming to campsites, there are two on the trail. The first one is the Juda Ka Taal Base Camp. Juda Ka Taal is a lake surrounded by pine trees, usually frozen during the winter season. You can choose to walk over the ice too. The second camp is the Kedarkantha Base Camp.  


Kedarkantha itself means Throat of Lord Shiva. Kedarkantha is said to have the essence of Lord Shiva. The first base camp is near the Juda Ka Talab. Juda Ka Talab is said to have formed when Lord Shiva opened his hair and water poured. The peak, too, has a shrine of Lord Shiva. There is a belief among the villagers that the shrine protects the villagers and accepts their prayers. They also say that Kedarkantha was supposed to be the original Kedarnath Temple. 

View from the Summit

Trekkers generally prefer to reach the summit before sunrise. There’s something magical about having a 360-degree view of the early sun rays hitting the snowy mountains. There is also a shrine of Lord Shiva there. As mentioned before, it is one of the only two treks with a proper summit in the 12500 ft Himalayan Range. Trekking to a Himalayan Range summit sounds amazing. You’ll get bragging rights about being one of the few to trek this summit. The thing about this trek is that you will get scenic views right from the beginning of this trek, unlike Deoriatal-Chandrashila, which is the other summit trek. On that trek, you get to see beautiful scenery after a certain point only. 

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Additional tips:

  • Pack light- this trip is short- about 5 days, and so you spoiled pack accordingly. 
  • Do not forget to take your camera along- you will miss the opportunity to click mesmerizing pictures. 
  • As mentioned before, it is not advisable to go for this trek during the monsoon season.
  • Pack warm clothes as the temperature drops very low during the nights. The most prominent peaks you can see from this point is Black Peak, Bandarpoonch peak, and Swargarohini. 

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