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Keep Your Wax Burners Clean; What You Need to Know

There are different wax burner applications. From use as an alluring home accessory for melting down cubes of wax rich in different sweet fragrances to being an efficient tool in beauty salons. It can also be a useful component in places like craft rooms used to desolidify petroleum-based wax blocks and manufacturing different types of candles used for decoration.

For such a piece of highly versatile equipment as the “wax burner”, it is necessary to keep it in good shape and make it presentable. So, how do we keep a wax burner clean, and what are the things to use to clean wax burners?

Irrespective of the type of wax burner you have, keeping it clean is essential to perfect functionality and prevent the accumulation of debris. Taking good care of your wax burner is not rocket science; you can get the job done with the help of a few household items. Below are some things to use to clean wax burners:

  • A sponge
  • A towel (possibly microfiber)
  • A cotton rag
  • A bottle of mineral/Petroleum oil
  • A spatula (possibly made from silicon)
  • A high heat resistant glove/ oven glove
  • A cleaner(multipurpose)
  • Balls of cotton
  • A melamine foam

Now that we know things to use to clean wax burners, how do you apply them? These are steps to follow to clean your wax burner:

  1. Ensure the wax is melted

To get the wax properly out of the burner, you need to ensure that it is in liquid form. Hence it is advisable to melt it by turning on the burner itself. Once you have succeeded in melting off the residue wax, you detach the wax burner from its electric source. This will allow the temperature to reduce before moving on to other steps.

  1. Getting rid of the wax

With the help of a high heat resistant glove, you can get rid of the smallest quantity of melted wax. This can be achieved with a cotton rag or a microfiber towel. The larger quantities of wax can be transported into a tolerable heat container to be reused. With the help of a spatula, semi-set wax can be scraped out of the burner before it starts to harden again.

  1. Cleaning it up

After getting rid of the wax, with the help of the multipurpose cleaner, a sponge and the melamine foam, tough stains can be wiped off as well as the other residues owing to a gentle scrubbing of the interiors of the wax burner. If there be drips of wax on the exterior of the warmer, a couple of drops of mineral oil can be used to wipe it with a piece of clothing and this will get the job done.


A long-lasting appliance needs care and adequate maintenance. A wax burner is no exception; hence with the aid of the steps provided and the things to use to clean a wax burner are provided, you would enjoy the benefits of a long-lasting wax burner.

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