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Kisan Credit Card: Eligibility & Features

India, the world’s largest economy, produces only 20% of its GDP from agriculture, despite the fact that half of its population is involved in agriculture directly or indirectly, demonstrating the severity of the situation. On one hand, a farmer who provides food for the entire country sleeps on an empty stomach. On the one hand, we celebrate by preparing food grown by these farmers; on the other hand, these farmers are trapped in an eternal cycle of debt and poverty, which emotionally harms them and occasionally forces them to commit suicide. The condition of our farmers is so serious that it must be addressed right away; we cannot stand by and watch our farmer brothers and sisters starve and struggle to survive. As a result, the Indian government created the KCC (Kisan Credit Card) Yojana to improve the lives of these farmers by providing them with financial resources. This essay will teach you everything you need to know about a Kisan Credit Card and how it can help our farmers. 

Eligibility for a Kisan Credit Card

Kisan Credit Card is available to all types of farmers, including SHGs, Joint Liability Groups, Tenant Farmers, Sharecroppers, and Owner Cultivators. These groups are briefly described as follows:

Self-Help Groups (SHGs)

An informal group of farmers who have banded together to enhance their level of living via the development of social capital are entitled to apply for a KCC.

Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) 

These are a small group of farmers who share a common economic activity and band together to get bank loans on an individual basis or through a group method in exchange for a joint guarantee.

Tenant Farmers

A farmer who farms on someone else’s land in exchange for rent or a piece of the harvest.


This is a type of tenant farming in which the landowner provides the necessary cash and the tenant farmer provides labour in exchange for a share of the harvests.

Owner Cultivator

Any farmer who cultivates his land personally while also supplying capital and management with the help of family members and households is known as an owner cultivator.

Various Others

Others include farmers who engage in associated activities such as animal husbandry and farmers who engage in non-farming activities such as fishing.

Features of Kisan Credit Card

Some of the features of a Kisan Credit Card are as follows:

  • This plan addresses a variety of farmer needs, including cultivation/production demands, post-harvest costs, working capital for farm asset maintenance, and the procurement of agricultural supplies such as pesticides, seeds, and fertilisers, among others.
  • The KCC Scheme offers a completely hassle-free loan disbursement process as well as extremely cheap interest rates.
  • Under the KCC Scheme, the procedures are usually carried out through the issuing branch.
  • The issuing branch of cooperative banks can also be ‘Primary Agricultural Credit Societies’ or other branches at the discretion of the parent bank.
  • Crop loans taken out through the KCC Scheme for certain crops will also be covered by the Crop Insurance Scheme.
  • This is done to protect the interests of farmers in the event of agricultural damage caused by natural catastrophes, pest infestations, and other circumstances.
  • In the event of an accident, the KCC Scheme also protects cardholders from death or serious disability.

KCC is available to individual and communal farmers, fish farmers, marine fishermen, poultry or small ruminant owners, dairy farmers, and women’s organisations. Because of its widespread popularity and borrower-friendly terms, it is a viable option for everyone. However, it is always a good idea to check the eligibility for the Kisan Credit Card before applying in order to avoid rejection. Moreover, it is important to understand how the government is using taxpayers’ money in the proper direction if you want a happy farmer and a happy country.

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