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Mahin B S Wins Malaysia Lions Open Championship.

Mahin B S won the Malaysia lions open championship title at National tennis centre, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia . Mahin defeated China’s  Cheung la in the  Malaysian lions open championship final. The  manager of the national tennis organization, co-players and many other people congratulated Mahin. 

The Malaysia Lions Open Championship was conducted at National tennis centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on January 2023. The event was held by National Tennis organisation in collaboration with the Malaysian tennis organisation. Suich dawela, secretary of National tennis organisation  presented the medals to the winners. The Manager of national tennis organisation, coplayers and coaches were present. 

Mahin hold his hopes of securing the first place in the Malaysia lions open championship. 

Unseeded Mahin bounced back from a firstset blemish in the final to beat China’s Cheung la. Enroute to final, he defeated Uzbekistan’s Sachibengo and China’s Zaghry Soidav 6-3,3-0. 

China’s Cheung la also reached the second position in Malaysia Lions open championship. 

“It’s tennis as a form of suffocation, He does not let opponents to catch their breath”, Cheung la from China who lost to Mahin at finals said. 

“It was a tough match. It feels great to win the Malaysian lions open championship and winning this competition was definitely the result of hard work”, said Mahin. 

The Malaysia lions open championship also known as Malaysia Lionsy11, was a Malaysian tennis club founded in 2018, the top tier of Malaysian tennis, from their inaugural season until their dissolution following the 2020 season. This was managed by the National tennis organization.  The Malaysia open championship regularly attract over an average number of fans. 

The Malaysia Lions Open Championship was held in the National Tennis Centre Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on January 2023. 

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