Making your home safe from any kind of threats

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Your house should be a haven where you can feel happy and comfortable, and keeping it safe does not have to be difficult. You may improve your peace of mind by taking a few easy measures. This article highlights the various tips that will assist you in making your home safe. These safety measures are crucial for all Custom Design Homes in Adelaide.

  • Keep a close check on your house 

Security cameras allow you to see and hear what is happening inside and outside your house. The most recent simple-to-use smart security cameras may be seen from any location using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Look for features like motion-activated recording, infrared night vision, and two-way voice communication. Learn more about our smart cameras and what they can do for you.

  • Illuminate the front drive and garden

Intruders like to work under cover of darkness. Therefore, lighting the garden at night is an effective deterrent. It can also make navigation safer for you and your guests. Motion-activated security lights, which you can put at the front or back of your property, are the most effective alternative.

  • Set up a visual security alarm

A security alarm installed outside your home can help prevent attackers. Furthermore, some home insurers grant a discount on approved alarms, so verify with your carrier. This feature is present in all Custom Design Homes in Adelaide.

  • Increase the security of your gates and fences

Please do not make it simple for intruders to get in by using an outdated gate or blown-over fencing. A garden gate should be the same height as the bordering walls or fences and firmly constructed. Metal gates are harder to scale than their solid wood counterparts, and their open nature means an invader has no shelter. 

Ensure that the hinges, bolt, and padlock are securely fastened on the garden side. Install two separate locks on a gate if possible. Check that all fences are in excellent working order. Broken panels might allow burglars to scout the area and potentially obtain entrance. Consider attaching trellis panels to the top of the fence or wall, or seek for ones that already have it. 

  • Spare keys should be stored safely

Say goodbye to placing spare keys in the front lawn behind a plant. A wall-mounted key safe secures the keys, especially if placed in an inconspicuous area. Their bodies are strengthened and can endure hammering and sawing. Using a combination code, each guest can access the home keys without needing extra sets.

  • Protect your outside constructions

Outdoor facilities are generally easy targets, so safeguard yours with lockable windows and powerful door locks. Consider installing an alarm – they are simple to install and great for securing your shed and your garage or outbuilding. Do not forget about the contents of your shed. It is easy to dismiss it, yet the equipment concealed within may be used to get into your home. To prevent this, attach ladders and step ladders to a post or wall with a chain and padlock. 


These are some of the most crucial tips that will help you keep your house away from the reach of intruders. One should take the help of Rendition Group to secure their home because of their quality services.


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