Three ways to find an emergency plumber near me

No one can fully prepare for all the inconveniences that may arise during home ownership. We expect the electricity to work, our appliances to work, water to flow from the faucet, and the same water to drain shortly after. When our plumbers near me isn’t working, it can quickly lead to disasters that are expensive and time-consuming to fix. But no matter how hard we try to keep things going, sooner or later something will go wrong. Here are three ways to find an “emergency plumber near me.”

1. Prepare yourself with a list or directory

If you own a home, live in a home, or rent a home, you need to be prepared for any problems that may arise. It is beneficial to plan ahead by making a list of the services that may be required for each different type of maintenance or repair job. Listing electrical, heating, ventilating, cooling, appliance, and especially plumbing services allows you to quickly contact and schedule an appointment should an unforeseen incident arise. For ease of use, you can organize the list by service, name, or even other factors like price and location.

2. Use local resources

Almost every town has its own newspaper or local magazine that is published weekly, biweekly or monthly. A weekly newspaper is a great way to keep up to date with any new services that may be available locally. Not only are you supporting a local business, but you should also be able to get feedback from neighbors and friends. With local businesses you can ensure that a job is well done and that a good reputation is at stake. If there are issues, you can also go back and speak to a manager in person to take care of your issue.

3. Use technology

There are currently many resources online to help you find the services you need. Many websites have popped up over the past few years for the sole purpose of connecting local and national businesses with exactly the kinds of customers who need and need their services. In addition to acting as a directory for different parts of the country, these websites also contain helpful information in the form of reviews and word of mouth. Many smartphone apps can also search for this information. The information you need is right at your fingertips.

What to do first if I need an emergency plumber near me

As a homeowner, I know next to nothing about home repair or maintenance, including plumbing, and one of the first things I found out about plumbing was that eventually you’re going to have a problem. It’s a hard pill to swallow and what made it worse was that some of my plumbing issues required a frantic search for an emergency plumber in my area to save the day.

It’s the worst feeling in the world waiting outside your door for someone to come and help you when you know you should be able to do something. But what can you do?

As awful as the feeling may be that your plumbing job is going to be the end of you, there are a few things you can do before you make that call:

Turn off the water

It seems so simple, but by simply turning off the water supply you are doing yourself a lot of good. By turning off the water, you reduce the chances of serious water damage by adding insult to injury. Take the time you have now to at least clean up the area for two reasons: 1) your own peace of mind; & 2) it gives your plumber the cleanest possible workspace. You’d be surprised to learn how many DIYers find clutter making their job difficult.

Keep your strategy simple and logical

My plumbing skills are rudimentary at best, but in the case of a clogged toilet, I remembered using a plunger with my dad years ago. The physics behind its use are simple, but it was effective. Whenever I had a clogged drain in the shower or sink, I reminded myself that maybe it was just hair. Using a piece of rigid wire shaped into a small hook I was able to alleviate the problem. These are basic tactics, but it meant one less emergency call to my local plumber.

Find out who is available

I’m not a big planner, but my wife takes care of my shortcomings. Her proactive work on home ownership has been a real blessing in more ways than one. When we moved into our new home, she went all over the house to familiarize herself with water shut-off valves just in case there was a problem with the plumbing. She got to talking to neighbors for plumber recommendations and even searched online for the best plumbers in the area. Knowing my penchant for being pretty useless when it comes to home repairs, she also made sure her research enlightened her on how to find an emergency plumber who was available 24/7. This is good advice for everyone because you don’t want to find out that you’re on your own if something goes wrong.

Emergency Plumbers Near Me

Finding an emergency plumbers near me was an important step in making a future plumbing problem an inconvenience rather than a disaster. My best advice is to learn from my wife because if your house plumbing gets shaky, having a plan before you call anyone can make a world of difference.


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