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Nursing Home Visitation Guidelines and Concerns – Amir Articles

Due to the current situation, the visitation rules are amended for everyone. Read the Nursing Home Visitation Guidelines.


Visits are an important way of staying connected with your loved ones who are in the nursing home. However, you need to stay aware of the visitation rules and concerns. Due to the current situation, the visitation rules are amended for all the ‘organizations’ safety guidelines. Some of the long-term care facilities are still closed to visitors.

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On the other hand, others are restricting the number of people allowed in the building. All facilities are taking extra protective measures for their residents, staff, and visitors’ health and safety. Here are some things you need to know before you visit, along with some creative means to stay connected with your loved one if you can’t get in person.

Limiting Visitors

Before planning a nursing home visitation, please go through the nursing home website, or schedule a call with them. You can ask them about their current visiting policy. Nursing homes are strictly limiting how many people can visit the residents inside. Visitors may be allowed only if the loved one is in severe condition. Nursing care facilities may have other particular needs.

For instance, you may need to call the residents’ desk and schedule your visit in advance. Instead of just walking in, you can inform them in advance. Or you may only be allowed in for a short period, between certain hours. In some cases, in-person visits might be allowed only for special occasions, such as celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

New Safety Measures

As per the current situation, nursing homes are opting for safety measures and guidelines. These safety measures are in place to protect the health of all the residents, visitors, and staff. These safety measures include:-

  • Temperature Checks and Screenings:- If you are allowed inside the facility, you will be screened at the entrance. Will check your temperature and symptom of the disease. If you have a fever, cold, cough, or sign of respiratory illness, you might be asked to reschedule your visit. 
  • Face Mask:- Face mask is the new normal, apparently. You must bring a face mask or face covering during the visit to reduce the spread of the contagious virus. You are also required to bring gloves.
  • Social Distancing:- You are required to follow the social distancing rule in the nursing home. You should maintain 6 feet of distance from others, including your loved ones.
  • Washing Hands Frequently:- Nursing homes are equipped with sanitizers at all places. You are required to wash and sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Frequent Cleaning:- All residents”, common gathering area, or the area with maximum contact chances are frequently cleaned and disinfected. 

Nursing homes are facing many restrictions due to the current situation. Seeing a close friend member be an essential emotional boost for nursing home residents. So at some nursing homes, even if you are not allowed inside, you may still be allowed to see your loved one in person through a first-floor window. Or you may be permitted into the entry area. In that case, your loved one stays inside behind glass doors.

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The majority of nursing homes are pleased to work with you to arrange some face-to-face time safely. However, check with the facility first and find out what is allowed for your visit.

If you cannot visit your loved ones in person, then there are some creative ways to reach them and make them feel happy. 

  • Virtual visits:- You can meet your loved ones with virtual visits. Many nursing homes are helping residents connect with their family and friends by offering FaceTime and Skype calls. Reach out to the department and ask if the staff can help arrange this type of video call for you. 
  • Pick up the phone:- You can schedule a call with your loved ones because hearing your voice may be comforting to your loved one. Suppose you can’t attend in person, check-in often by phone. 

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