Tips That Allow you to Negotiate a Better Deal – Make a Smart Purchase

It is a fact that many families go to automotive dealerships for a new car. We suggest them to read Tips to Make a Smart Purchase.


It is a fact that at this time of the year, many families go to automotive dealerships in search of a new car to start the year; the reality is that, in Mexico, unlike what happens in the United States, prices of new vehicles are difficult to negotiate with the seller for fair competition policies among dealers. Still, there are other factors in which you can try to get a better deal and make the smartest and most sensible purchase.

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1.- Cash is easier

Suppose you are going to buy a car in cash. In that case, it will be easier for you to get a good deal, generally. In this type of operation, sellers can offer the buyer essential advantages; for example, free insurance for the first year or an extended warranty policy. If you have the money, negotiate with your salesperson for such a deal, and you will likely get it.

2.- If you are going to leave your car on account, start with the sale of the old car

Sometimes when we are going to change a car for a new one, we want to do everything simultaneously, but the reality is that the best thing will be to structure the plan so as not to confuse ourselves. Go step by step, first. Try to sell your used car to a private individual and if you can’t find someone to buy it, then leave it on account at the agency.

If you sell it to a private individual, you will receive a more significant amount of money for it and face the new car’s expense more easily. You can use the evaluation tool, car wash flyer, and also advertise your vehicle.

3.- Take all the time you need

With so many makes, models, and versions in our market, buying a new car can be overwhelming. Take the time you need, objectively evaluate what your needs are, and also what your budget is. Once you have this very clear, proceed to consider all the options within your budget and meet your needs and handle each of them.

Take your family with you and everything that you commonly carry with you, that is, baby seats, strollers, or whatever comes to mind. Buying a car is the second most crucial acquisition a Mexican makes; enjoy the process.

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4.- If you are going to buy a used car, you should know that the offer is vast.

If you are buying a used or pre-owned car, you can negotiate the purchase price and search for multiple cards of the same model near you. We recommend that you make a list of the 8 or 10 best options by price, mileage, equipment, and general conditions and then see them all. Negotiate the price and stick with the ones that suit you best. You can look for several options on Auto For Trade.

5.- Do not stop investigating the costs of ownership

Sometimes we buy a car and do not consider that we will have to pay for it but that it will also have to be maintained, insured, and filled with gas. Investigate with the distributor the cost of maintenance for the first 3 or 4 years and compare it with other options to find out which is the cheapest; you can even pre-pay the first services and save some pesos.

Some cars are more expensive to insure than others for the price of their collision parts. At eco vehicles. Gob.MX, you can find concise information regarding the annual cost of fuel and compare various models. In the end, add up using the three factors and make a general comparison of the cost of owning the car.

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