Pest Control Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

At some point, every homeowner or business owner will need the services of a pest control company. The days of people heading to the yellow pages are over. When they need pest control services, they turn to the internet.

Plus, individuals will also choose a pest control website that appears high on the search rankings. This is because when websites appear on top of the google search, clients assume that there is a reason. The top of the search results page is where you want to see your pest control business. If this is done, your customers will see it before your competitors. Isn’t it?

This is where pest control marketing comes into play. Marketing your company can prove an essential part of modern businesses. If you are unsure about where to start, we’ve assembled the ultimate marketing guide to help you generate the leads you need to succeed. 

Let’s get started!

Start Better

Always remember that your website is the heart of your business. It is where people will learn about your company and reach out to your services. If you maintain it properly, it becomes your primary source of leads. You might know the internet is about ease and instant gratification. If people face troubles, they’ll go for some other option for their pest control needs. So, you can include the following:

  • Simple navigation menus
  • Sticky headers
  • Easy to find contact info

Mobile-Friendly Or Bust

At present, smartphones are taking over the internet. At least 80% of the total population surf the net using mobile devices. If you want your pest control website to be user-friendly, it must be mobile-friendly. 

Optimize mobile-friendly websites to work on smaller screens. It’ll help users find information and easily navigate your website. Mobile-friendliness is so important that even Google uses it as a ranking factor. 

Need For Speed

You’ll genuinely hate when you click on a website, and it takes forever to load. So it is for everyone. Studies show that half of the population wants the website to load within seconds. With every additional second of load time, you can lose 11% of page viewers with a 7% conversion reduction. Even if you have the best pest control website, it will not generate leads if it’s slow. You can take a few measures to boost your website’s performance.

  • Compress files up to 150 Bytes (big files take longer to load, so better keep them small)
  • Optimize images for the web (you can use PNG files for graphics with fewer than 16 colors and JPEG for photos)
  • Use browser caching (when visitor revisits your site, they won’t have to reload all the files)

Keep It Local

Marketing is all about visibility. If you need people to find your website, it should rank on top of the search engine. Well, local services ads can help put your pest control business at the very top for everyone to see. These are small online listings containing fast information. They comprise:

  • Business name
  • Phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • Review rating

Fact* Local services ads can come with a Google Guarantee badge to show that Google verifies your business. This can be an essential trust booster.

Rank In Pack With Local SEO

Your local pack will appear just below the PPC search ads in a local search. It’s nothing but a listing of businesses in the area related to the search query. You will see a map at the top of the local pack of the user’s area with the locations of related businesses. Under the map goes a list of the top businesses Google could find. That’s where you want to be!

You know, when someone searches for “pest control companies near me,” Google will scour the internet for the best possible answer. The more information Google finds, the higher you’ll rank on the search engine! Below are a few ways to boost the local SEO value of your business website:

  • Use online directories like Google My Business, Facebook, etc. for generating reviews
  • Ensure all your citations (your name, address, phone number) are consistent across platforms
  • Google My Business Optimization is a MUST! Ensure maintaining your Google My Business page
  • Try using localized keywords such as “(your city) pest control” throughout your web copy

Pro-Tip* Offer more localized information to search engines to rank higher in location-based searches.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Around 90% of the people select businesses ranking on the first page on search engines. If you don’t show up on the first page, your business might not exist online. You can boost your ranking organically with SEO (search engine optimization).

If you are finding the best SEO company, we have you covered! At Syntech Digital, we promise actual results with real increases to your business and revenue. Our primary goal is to bring more customers to your business by bringing more visitors to your website. Plus, we can help your website to get seen at the right time when people are searching for you in your area.

Final Thoughts:

Pest control marketing is not an easy task. Whether you know the basics, keeping track of the moving parts and implementing them correctly takes time and energy. These are the two most important factors that pest control companies might lack. So, if you really need to find success in your business marketing, hire an experienced team on your side. Don’t wait and just grab the best!

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