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PMP Bootcamp: the ultimate pros and cons

What is PMP: 

Project Management Professional (PMP) credential is the world’s most popularly recognized project management certification. Earning your PMP demonstrates that you have the experience, education, and competency to lead and direct projects. The PMP designation can also help you earn a higher salary and advance your career. Earning your PMP certification can help you land a promotion, a raise, or a new job.

While the PMP exam is not easy as you think, it is achievable with the right preparation. The most critical and important decisions you will make as you prepare for the PMP exam is attending a live, in-person boot camp or taking an online course.

Advantages of attending live boot camp training

There are several benefits to preparing for the PMP exam with providers that offers live boot camp training.

Access to an experienced instructor

You’ll have access to the instructor via email and during the course. Some training providers also offer 6 or even up to 1 year post-training access to the instructor via email.  

Post-training support

Once you complete the training course, the provider will typically grant you additional 6-month access to access online. You will have access to the instructor and online training material. Some training providers will also let you attend refresher courses or forum access.

Money-back guarantee.

The boot camp training providers offer 100% money-back guarantee. You can request the money back if you do not pass the PMP exam on your first attempt. 

In order to qualify, typically, you will need to demonstrate that you have completed all the required training and practices and take the PMP exam within a specific time. If you put in the hard work using their training course and still failed the test, you are qualified to get your money back.

Comprehensive training material

Because you are paying for the premium course, you will receive plenty of study material to help you prepare for the PMP exam. Depending on the provider, you may receive training materials such as online videos, slide decks, course workbooks, formula cheat sheets, and flash cards. 

PMP Exam simulator is included

The boot camp training will include a PMP exam simulator in the package. Practice and becoming familiar with the PMP question style are essential for passing the exam.  

Disadvantages of attending live boot camp training

Boot camp training isn’t flawless, and here are the key drawbacks.

More expensive than other training options

Live boot camp training is typically the most expensive training option. Hiring an experienced instructor is not cheap. The price tag can be too expensive for many students.

Rigid schedule

Unlike on-demand training, live training classes are held at a specific time. It can be problematic if you miss the class, and it can be inconvenient to reschedule. If you are attending a boot camp class, you will need to block out the time for the training.

Is PMP Boot Camp worth it?

If you feel the benefits outweigh the drawback and want to explore the boot camp training options further, PMAspirant offers a very handy comparison of the best PMP boot camp providers. These training providers are Authorized Training Partners for PMI, so there is no question about the quality of the training.

Good luck with the journey to becoming a Project Management Professional!


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