Time to move house? Here are some Preparation Tips for Moving House

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Preparation Tips for Moving House are very important for everyone who plan to move from one house to another without wasting time and money.


Have you decided to move house? It can be daunting getting everything done. Also, when you leave your rental home, it’s your responsibility to restore your home to the way you had it upon arrival. In Australia, the RTA has strict guidelines for tenants, which are reinforced by Property Managers.


Here is a standard checklist with some tips to make the moving process go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Firstly, if you have been renting a house with a yard, you will need to take care of the lawn and make sure your garden is up to scratch. This includes mowing the lawn, weeding, pruning the bushes back. Once complete, you will need to remove any green waste or rubbish leftover.
  2. If you’ve had pets during your stay, many rental agreements state that you should have a completed professional pest control service. This is to ensure the property is free of fleas for the next tenant. Unfortunately, it does not matter if you actually have fleas or not.
  3. It’s a smart idea to book a reliable removalist service as soon as possible. Moving heavy furniture is probably the most difficult task when it comes to moving house. A great removal service will make this part a breeze.  
  4. If you need assistance with packing, then there are also pre-packing services available to assist you. A packing service will safely wrap up all your belongings. Also, they will pack them into boxes and label them all for you. This makes it simple to organize on the other end.
  5. The property will need to be professionally cleaned to restore it to the same condition upon your arrival with the help of end of tenancy cleaning. This is commonly known as a bond clean. In Brisbane, it is referred to several terms, including bond cleaning Brisbane, vacate clean Brisbane, exit clean Brisbane, or an end of lease preparation service. They are all essentially the same thing. Unless you have the time and some experience, it’s best to have professional bond cleaners take care of your bond clean for you. 
  6. If the property has carpet, you’ll need to have it professionally cleaned. NOTE: If there are any stains or other damages to the carpet, you will also need to ensure these are fixed. This is in addition to cleaning the carpet.
  7. If you’ve done any damages during your stay, this will be your responsibility to repair these before finalizing your tenancy. This includes dings, scratches, and gouges in the walls. Also, another commonly overlooked task is removing picture hooks that have been put up during your tenancy. If there are several on one wall, it may be necessary for the entire wall to be repainted.

These are the common services we often assist people with when they’ve reached their end of lease and ready to vacate their home.



Some people find the rigorous standards of these requirements onerous. However, it’s because of these high standards that Australian homes are so great compared to international standards. Overall, this makes it a great thing for all of us. It can be useful to find a service such as Liberty Services that will work with you to take care of all these tasks when vacating your rental. Hope you love reading “Preparation Tips for Moving House”

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