Why is Holographic Packaging used for Product Promotion?

Holographic boxes are your standard packaging boxes, except for one thing: they use exceptional holographic images printed on them. This trend of packaging your products with holographic image boxes became popular in the year 2016.

And with the advancement in manufacturing technologies and their specialized coatings, we can push through the limits of standard holographic material in the packaging industry, which has allowed us to create genuinely eye-catching, visually pleasing effects for our packaging. And to be clear here, holographic boxes work as tools to make out brand unique and products distinct from the rest and help make compliance more familiar and prevent duplication and counterfeiting.

We could say that holographic packaging is the next revolutionary thing in the packaging industry as it can also be called an intelligent packaging solution. This is because this brilliant packaging technique offers a variety of advantages. From securing the products to making them unique and eye-catching, this packaging can do it all. Moreover, since this packaging is highly versatile and flexible, it can package any product without limitation.

If you find all these things interesting and want to know more about  custom holographic boxes, then stick with us till the end, and we hope that you will find answers to all your questions.

How do Holographic Packaging Boxes Work?

Holographic imaging technology enables us to display 3D effects or 3d images on our packaging. How this can be achieved is:

We use thin layers of aluminum that are metalized with the substrate surface and then embossed with the holographic patterns of our choice on its surface. And to put it in layman’s language, we can say that the aluminum deflects the light that is bounced on it, which results in 3D image different unique colors on the packaging.

Although this is one of the most commonly used methods, providers use specialized inks and follow their procedures to achieve the task. Not only for packaging but These holographic films can be used for a variety of other purposes as well:

  • To wrap gifts.
  • To laminate boxes and books etc.
  • And to make customized marketing stickers.

The reason behind this is that it gives a high-quality feel and aesthetic look to the products.

I today’s packaging market, box manufacturers mostly use:

  • Laminating
  • Printing
  • Die Cutting

Technologies that help enhance the look and feel of their boxes. Holographic packaging is unique because it is highly customizable, and the designs are somewhat challenging to reproduce.

Although it is difficult to produce this type of packaging, once it is done, it has phenomenal results. And many people only pick this packaging because of their aesthetics. However, they do not know that there are advantages as well.

Why is Holographic Packaging used for Product Promotion?

It is said that your imagination only limits the customizations and uniqueness in the field of holography. Continuous advancement in the packaging:

  • Film Coating
  • Manufacturing Techniques and Technologies

Have opened up new opportunities for even more innovations in the niche of embossed holographic packaging boxes. For example, various special origination techniques provide us with an infinite number of 3D visual and color effects.

Benefits of Using Holographic Packaging

Brands and retailers are continuously searching for new ways and innovating the packaging that truly stands out from the rest of the boxes when placed on shelves. With this packaging, they can make eye-catching packaging indeed and help us prevent the threat of counterfeiting and duplication.

Here are some of the ways that this packaging has been made to benefit the promotion of our products.

Holographic Packaging Can Protect against Counterfeiter’s Threat

The production of duplicated products has become a widely spread issue, which can be extremely harmful to our brand’s image and customers’ health if dealing in medical and pharmaceutical products. These bright packaging boxes can help us prevent the spread of these fake or duplicate items to our luck. Many famous pharmaceutical use:

  • Holographic Labels
  • Hot-stamped Packaging Patches
  • Seals
  • Blister Pack Foils

To prevent this from happening, many major pharmaceutical companies depend on these techniques to ensure the integrity of their products.

Other techniques, such as track and trace, which pharmaceutical companies now use, to know where their products have been, but that is the topic for another time.

Creative Holograms Can Help in Making Buying Decisions

Other than protecting the products’ integrity, holographic packaging is also used to make the product packaging more attractive, and thus it is also used for product promotion. Holographic packaging adds:

  • Shine
  • Movement
  • Visual Dimensions

To the packaging images, designers can use creative holographic designs to increase the impact that the packaging has when placed on shelves. A product needs to have this impact as it is placed in a sea of similar items, and it has to make a unique identity if we want to sell our products.

Nowadays, manufacturers use the latest quality techniques to provide their customers with the best packaging solutions.

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