Prepare Agreement of Child Custody in Pakistan through Family Lawyer

Child Custody in Pakistan through Family Lawyer:

 If you wish to obtain child custody in Pakistan through a family lawyer in Lahore, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. For Child Custody in Pakistan After Khula & Divorce, U need to Prepare the Child Custody Agreement By Lawyer and Know That How many husbands Pay For Child Custody in Pakistan. The order is the same is appealable u/s 14 of M4 and not u/s 47(c) Guardian & Wards Act, 1890. High Court converted the appeal as filed u/s 14 for child custody in Pakistan through family lawyer in Lahore.


 An appeal in used under S. 145 w4m should invariably be 19. Accompany a certified copy of Judgment of the Trial Court, decree sheet if drawn. As the Code of Civil Procedure provisions are not applicable, an appeal without a copy of the decree is not incompetent. Where suit for dissolution of marriage and dower is consolidated, and there is a single consolidated Judgment, a single appeal would be competent.


When preferring a single request is an essential requirement of law that cannot be dispensed with by the Appellate Court for child custody in Pakistan through family lawyer in Lahore. The appellant should also assail decrees passed against him in a suit for dower recovery and marriage dissolution. Attacking a single order would make the appeal incompetent. No request would lie against a decree passed for dower or dowry articles not exceeding Rs. Thirty thousand, however, an appeal would lie against the law for less than Rs. 30,000 and even against the dismissal of such a suit. Embargo of S. 14(2) (b) of West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964 had been placed on the defendant only and not on the plaintiff for child custody in Pakistan through family lawyer in Lahore.

Attorney Statement:

  Statement attorney of the plaintiff statement of mother and brother plaintiff who appeared as Court witnesses had gone in line about a matter of dowry articles that those were delivered at the time of marriage and never returned after the desertion of the plaintiff the defendant.

Family Lawyer in Lahore:

Suit for child custody in Pakistan through family lawyer in Lahore rightly decreed concurrent judgments declined to be interfered by the High Court. Defendant failed to object to documentary evidence at the time of cross-examination. The record revealed plaintiff had mentioned the document to be exhibited in her list of papers and had place reliance on the same. Family Court was bound to allow what was in the interest of justice and should have exercised. Its power to prevent the course of justice from being deflected from the path that led fair and just decision.” The receipt presented by the plaintiff about dowry articles proved to be correct, but Court below did not pay any intention to such fact for child custody in Pakistan through family lawyer in Lahore.

Family Matters For Court:

It did not object to the points list presented by the plaintiff at the time of its exhibition; the same cannot be thrown out and list as exhibited by the defendant be accepted in its stead. Duty of the appellate Court. Appellate Court in family matters is the last court in the realm of facts and controversy resolved by it, which is not amenable to appeal further, review, or revision. Responsibility in the circumstances is more than double on the appellate court to consider and discuss all material available on record, whatever be its worth. No piece of evidence is to be left out from consideration in child custody in Pakistan through family lawyer in Lahore. The appellate court can enhance the amount determined for the dowry Article, keeping the dowry list and considering evidence led by the parties.

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