Proven Tips to Find the Best Amazon Ads Agency

Whether you outsource or you manage your Amazon advertising campaigns with your in-house ad team, the key to success is to ensure that the one responsible for your Amazon ad campaigns is fully updated on the latest Amazon policies and strategies. Additionally, you must consider that one who excels at forecasting inventory and data analysis might struggle with other aspects of advertising campaigns. Thus, you must examine the various tasks required in order to manage your Amazon ads and determine the one best suited to your business model, i.e., in-house team or Amazon ads agency

As you recognize the need for expansion of your online business, outsourcing to an Amazon ads agency is a preferred way to control the overall and dedicate your time to business expansion while you will also be bringing specialized talent to your team.  Thus, you can consider establishing a network of advertising services that are fully equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to propel your business forward. 

There are a number of excellent ad agencies on the market, but there are also those that have no experience or they are simply not good enough to manage your business. Therefore, the big question is, “How can you ensure that you choose the best Amazon ads agency to hire? Let’s find the factors that you are supposed to consider when you are ready to hire the one that is a perfect fit for your business.¬†Are you a newbie who is exploring the Amazon? The Selling Guys can help you start your journey with proper guidelines.

Be Precise About Your Requirements

Before you begin interviewing marketing agencies, you should have a firm grasp of the services you require from them. Consider the following questions before you approach one:

  • Do you require assistance with advertising?
  • Are you optimizing your product listings?
  • Are you creating A+ content?
  • Do you require assistance with inventory management?
  • Do you need an agency to manage your entire store? 

To begin with, determine which tasks you wish to outsource and how involved you wish the agency to be. Some Amazon store owners are completely hands-off and rely on the agency to run smoothly and provide them with regular updates. Some business owners are significantly more involved in the decision-making process and have a preference to perform certain tasks independently. Thus, you need to determine your desired level of involvement in the advertising process. 

Size of the Amazon Ad Agency

Additionally, consider the size of the Amazon ads agency with whom you wish to work. Generally speaking, larger firms have a greater pool of experienced professionals and tools, and individual consultants might offer you a more personalized experience and attention. 

Freelance Platforms and Amazon conferences

When you’ve defined your requirements and the manner in which you wish to work with your newly hired agency, you need to begin searching for one that can provide you with the services you require and operate in a manner that is comfortable for you. There’re many ways to begin your search. In this regard, freelance platforms can help you in locating independent consultants as well as agencies. An online search will assist you in locating more established advertising agencies. Additionally, there’re Amazon conferences where you can meet numerous such service providers. 

Get a Referral 

Another effective method is asking for referrals. Do you know any other seller who is using or have used an ad agency? Can you rely on other service providers to give a reference to who they know and trust? With a referral, it is easy to question the source of the referral and get a sense of how the ad agency operates and the results it is capable of producing. 

Tips to Interview an Amazon Advertising Agency

Once you’ve compiled a narrowed list of ad agencies that you believe would be good for your business, you need to schedule a phone call with each service provider. Ensure that you are specific about what you require, the outcomes you seek, and the manner in which you wish to collaborate. In this regard, you can ask the following questions:

  • What range of services does the marketing firm offer? 
  • Does the firm offer only one-time services?
  • Does it offer ongoing support? 
  • How does the agency receive fee, i.e., on an hourly basis, a flat fee, campaign-based fee, or a percentage of the earnings? 
  • How big is the staff?
  • Will there be a dedicated account manager?
  • How frequently does the agency send performance reports? 
  • What are the modes of communication? 

An interview is a two-way process wherein you ask questions, and the other party will respond. However, a good firm will not just jump to accept your order and agree with all of your demands and expectations. Instead, a professional, reputable and reliable advertising agency will also have a number of questions to ask you. The agency will want to know about the following things:

  • The segment of amazon marketplace you offer your products in
  • How many stock-keeping units (SKUs) do you have?
  • The performance graph of your recent sales
  • The other channels you are already using to sell your products
  • The area coverage of your product delivery
  • Any legal constraints regarding the sales of your products

From an agency standpoint, they ask such and a few more questions to determine if they can assist you with your Amazon advertising campaigns smoothly. They may specialize in specific categories or with sellers of varying sizes. Thus, a good agency will want to ensure that it is a good fit and is truly able to assist you. It is infuriating for both the agency and the seller when they begin working together only to discover that the ads agency is not appropriate for your niche. 

Final Words 

When you are hiring an Amazon ads agency, you must do your research and ensure that the selected agency is appropriate and effective for the operations and growth of your Amazon sales. Determining precisely what services you require, your expectations and inquiring about the strategies and professional experience of potential agencies will assist you in locating the best one on the market. Finding the right Amazon advertising agency is essential since it will increase your number of sales and decrease the stress for all the business hassles. So, explore the possibilities of hiring an expert one. 

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