10 ways to avoid electrical hazards in pets

Modern Universal energy is electricity, and that is what the human being has started to depend on the most. Everything in the household draws energy from the motion of the electrons, called electricity. But this energy, along with various benefits, is a potential hazard. The electric hazard can happen due to the overloading of cables, water spills, improper grounding, and loose-fitting of the cords. They will cause electric shock or fire.

We as human beings know that electricity is a hazard, but the pet doesn’t. Whatever your pet is, Dogs or a cat, they are curious to explore everything they see. They don’t understand the difference between their toy and the electric cable. This is also a fact that the number of pet owners is increasing day by day.  A committed pet owner will be cautious about the safety of their pets, and he should follow these measures.

Don’t keep the cables in the sight of your pet:

Pets tend to play with everything they see. They start to chew or play with their paws with the cables also. Hence cables can be stated as the primary source of danger to pets. They will experience shock and burn. Sometimes this might turn into an actual fire hazard. So put maximum effort to hide the cables from your pet. You can make them pet-proof with plastic piping services. But pets are pets, they tend to chew everything, and the piping may not be durable. The best way is to hide them behind the appliances or the curtains.

Avoid keeping heated equipment unattended:

The electric equipment that tends to get heated while using is the second most dangerous hazard to pets. We tend to keep portable heaters everywhere and forget about them. We don’t even bother about cooling down the hair straighteners and curlers. When you have a pet in your house, you have to have control of this habit. Even if pets accidentally touch this equipment, they will get hurt.

Use good quality equipment:

Especially when you have a pet, don’t shy away while investing in the best electric equipment. Yes, it is painful to pay so much for a small cable or a phone charger. However, it is not more painful than seeing your pet in pain. Low-quality equipment tends to become hot even after small work. They will overheat sometimes. Also, cheap equipment breaks easily, and you may be ok with this, but for your pet’s safety, it is not good at all.


Give training to your pet:

Most of the time, pets are set free inside the house. Cats and dogs are always wandering inside the house, and you will not be able to keep an eye on them continuously. Train your pet to avoid the areas where you keep all the cables and electric equipment. Restrict them from touching any electric wires and make them understand that it is a threat. Otherwise, spray something that your pet does not like in that area.

Unplug the cords when it is not in use:

We keep all our electric equipment plugged in constantly. For example, we keep the television plugged in all the time, even when we are not using it. The damage that is caused accidentally may be severe. Your pet may start playing with that wire, and it will take no time to catch fire.

Keep the unused plug sockets covered:

There may be many plug sockets that are just left unused. But electricity flow will be there in that plug. If the pet accidentally puts its paw to that plug, the hairs get inserted into the pin causing electric shock. How severe will the impact be? We can not imagine. That is why even when you are plugging in something, see whether they are fully plugged in into the sockets or not. Exposed plugs also cause shock when a wet nose tries to smell them. 

Have knowledge of emergency procedures:

When you have taken care of all the safety measures, there is less possibility of a hazard. However, be ready for the danger. Have perfect knowledge about what you should do at that very moment. Keep the first aid box filled and keep the number of the emergency vet in your phone. When you are in the middle of any problem, don’t panic and act maturely. 

Don’t keep plugged mobile chargers hanging: 

Another bad habit that everyone on the earth has is to leave the plugged charger hanging. Sometimes people even forget to switch it off. You may argue that the voltage of the current flowing will be very low. But the sensitive skin of the pet won’t handle that amount of voltage also. A single irresponsible decision can harm your pet.

Be aware of water-related hazards:

Electricity and water do not get along very well, that we all know. So be aware that there is no water around the electrical area of your house. Do not leave any electrical equipment near the place where the presence of water is evident, like a sink or tub. The clumsy pets fall on everywhere, and you have to ensure that they won’t get any harm.


It would help if you synced All electronic appliances to the Ground-fault Circuit Interrupter. They help to prevent electrocution. If anybody gets an electric shock, it senses that and cuts off the power supply similarly as the DC circuit breaker. They are mainly installed where there is a possibility of having electricity and water contact. This will help to prevent serious injury to the pets. 


If you search for the statistics of electrical hazards, you may see that the electric hazard rate is very low. First of all, there is a severe underreporting of electrical hazards. You can see that everyone must have experienced electric shock once in their life. But the fatality rate of both humans and pets is relatively low, and this is appreciable. The main reason for the low fatality rate is the usage of safety measures. The above-stated safety measures are optimum enough to make your house hazard-proof and keep your pet safe. Use PV surge protection to be tension-free.

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