Reasons to learn Big Data on AWS

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AWS Data Analytics training certification verifies technical knowledge and expertise in AWS service design and deployment. The certification would focus on extracting value from data and be appropriate for people who undertake advanced big data research. The certification assesses candidates’ competencies in the following areas:

  • Implementing critical AWS big data services following best practices for the basic architecture.
  • Designing and maintaining large amounts of data.
  • Making the most of data analysis automation technologies.

AWS and Big Data: What’s the Connection?

Let’s look at some critical aspects before getting into the benefits of AWS big data training. The relationship between AWS and Big Data would be the essential item on our agenda. But first, let’s look at the current state of the big data and analytics market. According to International Data Corp. (IDC), the big global data and business analytics market will generate $260 billion in sales by 2022.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) would be in the neighborhood of 11.9 percent. Big data and business analytics are being used in various industries, including banking, professional services, government, and manufacturing. As the next topic of discussion, let’s look at the relationship between AWS and Big Data. The demand for AWS big data certification can be validated by a thorough understanding of how AWS is utilized to manage big data.

  • AWS certified big data – specialization certification assists persons specializing in the administration of the following big data aspects using AWS solutions.
  • Data ingestion is gathering raw data from transactions, mobile devices, and log files.
  • Data storage: Establishing repositories for data storage at all phases.
  • Data visualization is the process of extracting useful information from processed data.

The AWS Big Data specialized certification verifies a candidate’s competence to use various AWS big data management products. The following are some of the robust AWS solutions used at multiple levels of extensive data management.

  • For data ingestion stages, Kinesis and Snowball are excellent.
  • AWS Glue and Amazon S3 are simple data storage options.
  • The data processing capabilities of Amazon EMR and Redshift are intriguing.
  • Amazon QuickSight is a perfect data visualization tool.

As a result, the AWS big data specialty certification demonstrates that a person can operate as a data scientist. The certificate also shows that a person is qualified to work with AWS solutions and Big data requirements in data science. We may now move on to why you should learn AWS big data specialized certification.

  • A promising skill-development strategy

The first advantage of having an AWS Big Data specialized certification is that it gives access to a larger ecosystem. Other Cloud IaaS services do not offer as many tools and products as AWS. AWS provides many tools and solutions for all stages of big data handling, which can help you advance your career. The AWS big data specialist certificate gives you a lot of freedom to choose a professional path.

With AWS Lambda, you can investigate AI or your interests in high-performance serverless computing. You might also use AWS S3 to pursue a profession in storage systems. Will not the prospects provided by the big data specialty certification be beneficial?

  • The significant increase in pay

Another significant benefit of big data specialty certification is the AWS-certified big data income. In the United States, uncertified data scientists could make up to $100,000 per year. On the other hand, adding the AWS credential may aid in boosting the number. According to general estimations, an AWS-certified big data salary starts at USD 160,000 per year.

With more expertise, you may be able to make as much as $250,000 per year on average. Most importantly, by concentrating on several AWS talents, you can increase your average yearly pay estimate. DynamoDB, Elastic MapReduce, CloudFormation, Elastic Cache, CloudWatch, Lambda, and more services are examples.

  • Cost-effectiveness

The choosing of AWS big data training is also cost-effective. This certification is the most cost-effective for candidates. AWS has consistently offered the most affordable certification registrations in the industry. Candidates could also sign up for a one-year free trial of Amazon Web Services. In addition, AWS certification training materials and resources are less priced than similar offers. Candidates could gain hands-on expertise with AWS services, including DynamoDB, AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3, among others.

  • Employers will be more receptive to your application if you make it more appealing

The worldwide demand for AWS’s big data specialized certification is another significant benefit. IT workers with a thorough understanding of big data and AWS solutions will have a lot of job prospects all around the world. Above all, having the title of AWS certified professional enhances the value of your resume. As a result, many corporations prefer to have an AWS-certified specialist on their team rather than someone who is not.

  • Progression in your career

The access to potential career possibilities is the absolute advantage of AWS’s big data specialty certification. AWS skills are required for the majority of cloud computing jobs. In addition, in 2019, there are about 350,000 additional needs in various AWS roles. As a result, specialty certification can be a powerful driver of career advancement.


AWS big data training is unquestionably valuable in today’s cloud computing business. As a result, a big data specialized certification proves to be an excellent alternative for cloud computing professionals. The benefits discussed above demonstrate that AWS-certified big data workers have a wide range of options. The significant benefits we noticed were a better income, better employment roles, and a promising path for professional advancement.

Big data analytics and AWS solutions are becoming increasingly important, which paints a clear picture of the current position. AWS certification in big data is also required due to the various tools supplied by AWS for big data management. In the end, individuals will require certification such as the AWS big data specialized certificate to take advantage of new job prospects.

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