The Leading SAFe Certification Program is designed with the objective to equip in you all the skills as one need to become an efficient and impactful leader across a SAFe enterprise.

By the successful completion of this RTE training program, you holds all thee knowledge and skills to satisfy the prerequisites for the SAFe certification and the course will also prepare you to ace the exam in your very first attempt.

As becoming SAFe certified RTE, you will aid your organizations in proper execution of SAFe practices and release valued principles at scale. Afterwards, you will be able to provide assistance to the team along with the program and large solution execution. You become a servant leader and a coach that aids you towards building a high performing ART team and driving end-to-end value as a SAFe RTE.

The SAFe RTE certification will indeed give you an advantageous position over your non-certified peers and will open a window of lucrative opportunities and satisfying career paths. Let us have a look at the benefits one will incur becoming a SAFe certified RTE.



The certification in SAFe® Certification is a formal designation offered by Scaled Agile, Inc. to all the practitioners who will be able to successfully complete this 3-day training programme by a SAFe® Program Consultant. The certification will be provided to those who demonstrate knowledge by acing the SAFe® Release Train Engineer certification exam and this course is all about how to prepare you achieve that.

As a Release Train Engineer, you will have a very crucial role to play in leading an Agile Release Train to deliver end-to-end value at scale. We will make you competent enough to navigate through the major or minor any challenges that you may come across while alignment of large development programs and make you have a solid grasp of scaling lean practices and its implementation.

Learn to build smooth communication with stakeholders and increase the collaboration, escalate critical impediments, mitigate them, an always have a zeal for continual improvement.

Since the volatile markets and the advancement of technologies has made it crucial for the companies to embrace an Agile transformation and leverage SAFe framework, they continue to recruit the right candidate who will benefit their organization and strive for its excellence. As a SAFe Release Train Engineer, you will be in demand across top companies as an expert and will help you become an Agile transformation leader!


Our Certified SAFe RTE training program is a 3-day course in which you will develop both theoretical and practical skills of a Release Train Engineer, namely:

  1. You learn facilitation of PI Planning, the PI calendar establishment and communication and execute events on SAFe ART-level
  2. You learn to create the right work environment at place, and way to smoothen workflows and lead ARTs deliver value
  • Act as servant coach and leader you govern roles across the program and increase collaboration with stakeholders
  • You progress using metrics to nurture transparency by aligning team values and creating trust in the ART
  • You facilitate a culture of relentless improvement at work and build high-performing teams


There are no prerequisites you need to fulfill before attending the SAFe Release Train Engineer course as it is open to all enthusiasts professional who have keen to work in a SAFe environment. However, for a better understanding and solid grasp of the theoretical and practical aspects of SAFe RTE, it is highly recommended by Scaled Agile, Inc. to have a basic understanding of Agile principles, a prior certification in SAFe, and product management experience as a product owner or a business owner.

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