Seven reasons Young Families of the Florida Suncoast should choose oil and gas sector jobs

Choosing the right career path to adequately support you and your family’s needs depends on the personal and professional benefits on offer. These days, young workers are carefully considering all aspects of a job, making sure that it represents a worthwhile life decision. This is especially true with the increasing cost of living in most parts of the world since the pandemic struck.

If you’re looking to begin a career in an industry that provides lots of professional growth and financial benefits, the oil and gas sector is an appropriate fit. While there have been concerns over the industry’s operations due to global crude oil shortage and growing demand for renewable energy, there are still many benefits on offer if you choose to work in the oil and gas sector—both in the short term and in the long run.

Major oil and gas production companies are now paying more attention to carbon management and adopting the right technology to help navigate whatever changes that are bound to happen. Every industry has its pros and cons, and the oil and gas sector is no different. So, here are some of the many reasons why young families may be interested in pursuing a job in the oil and gas sector:

1. Rewarding pay

A common question many people ask when choosing the right career or job is whether they’ll be able to make enough money from it. In a perfect world, money would not always be the prime motivation, but financial security is important to everyone. And so, pay is naturally the first incentive you’ll be looking at when making a career choice.

Those who are engaged in a career in the oil and gas industry are amongst the highest paid professionals. If you are financially intelligent, the money you earn can easily set you up for life. Many employers in the oil and gas industry offer highly competitive salaries alongside other important perks such as medical insurance, pension, benefits package, and savings plans.

2. Opportunities for career growth

The oil and gas sector is filled with lots of training and career development opportunities. Many employers have made a point of it in a bid to retain their talent. The industry wants to provide the best training for their staff to ensure they are highly skilled and can qualify for advanced positions while climbing the corporate ladder.

Therefore, if you’re seeking a career in Florida that guarantees professional growth alongside the necessary promotions and salary raises that come with it, then choosing a dynamic sector like oil and gas should be top of your list.

3. Plenty of travel opportunities

Studies show that about 70 per cent of millennials enjoy travelling. If that includes you, working for a prominent oil and gas company can be a fantastic choice as a career that involves travel.

Since oil isn’t just limited to one place and is needed all over the world, you could be needed to travel to another state or country for business meetings, training, project supervision, contract negotiations, or any number of other short-term assignments.

4. Career mobility

The current war against Ukraine by Russia has left a huge impact on the oil and gas industry, with many countries in Europe and America no longer wanting to be dependent on Russian energy supplies. While this may not necessarily affect the numerous career opportunities in the oil and gas industry, some people may see situations like this in the future and would want to consider a career change.

In fact, many people often opt for a career change after a couple of years, and if you choose a job in the oil and gas industry, you are bound to build a lot of important and transferable skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, and time management.

5. Open to recent graduates

Many young graduates today are often left frustrated when they have the education and skills for a posted job but lack the necessary work experience. But the oil and gas industry is eager to provide on-the-job training and welcomes young, educated appliacants with a strong work ethic.

Some employers go as far as searching for highly qualified students on college campuses, hiring them and providing them with adequate training.

6. Exposure to modern technology

Technology is at the heart of most industries, and the oil and gas sector is no exception. This industry relies on rapid implementation of the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art technology you can find in a bid to get the best results.

By choosing to work in this sector, you will learn about different new technologies and how to use them in the most efficient ways to carry out daily tasks. Not only does this make the job easier, but it also helps you to develop more of the skills you need to enhance your career growth.

7. Job stability and long-term work

Everyone, especially those with young families, is searching for jobs that provide a stable career path. For as long as there is oil in the world, there will always be the need for skilled workers, and you won’t need to worry about losing your job or being made redundant.

There is a wide variety of job opportunities within the oil and gas sector for both offshore and onshore workers to choose from. Whether it’s physical labour, science, or people skills that you excel in, there is a career in the oil and gas industry for you. From mining engineer, marketing coordinator, petroleum engineer, energy engineer, transportation, and management, there is a role that’s perfect for you.

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