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Signs You Should invest in Indian Railway Catering

The Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Limited is an Indian public sector enterprise that comes under the Ministry of Railways, the Government of India. Incorporated on September 27, 1999, the IRCTC acts as an extended arm of the Indian Railways that engages in the catering and hospitality services at different train stations and other locations. It also participates in other services such as travel and tourism, internet ticketing, etc.

As of August 16, 2021, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd. had a market capitalisation of Rs. 43, 551.20 croreand was trading at Rs. 2629.60. By the end of June 2021, the IRCTC hada quarterly net sales turnover of about Rs. 243.37 crores.Currently, theIRCTC share is listed on stock market at Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange under the number 542830 and the symbol IRCTC, respectively.

Here is why you should know the IRCTC share price and invest in it: 

  1. Railways areasignificant wayof commuting in India. Therefore, be rest assured that the company will be doing well most of the time.
  2. It is a debt-free company, making the IRCTC share price NSE a promising investment.
  3. As of November 2021, the return on equity was more than 11%
  4. The quarterly net profits of the company have been increasing.
  5. The Government of India is the company’s promoter and held a 100% stake in the company initially. However, after listing the share price of IRCTC on the NSE, the government’s shareholding was reduced to 87%. Later in December 2020, it was further reduced by 20%, making it a total of 67% shareholding in the company.
  6. There has been an increase in revenue every quarter since the last two quarters.
  7. There has been arise in profits every quarter since the last two quarters.
  8. Their shareshave had the highest recovery from a 52-week low.
  9. In the June of 2021, the IRCTC reported a net profit of Rs. 82crore against a total loss of Rs. 24 crore and a profit of Rs.103 crorein the March 2021 quarter.
  10. Internet ticketing revenue rose to more than 300%

As of August 16, 2021, the IRCTC share prices closed at Rs. 2629.60 on the NSE and has received approximately 90.06% returns in 12 months.

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