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The sun is so strong down here that sometimes, despite your efforts, you can burn them. Read “Sun Burn Facts and Skincare Tips” to get help.


Sun Burn And Tanning Although it’s not officially summered yet in South Florida, beach weather has definitely arrived! I thought I’d share some remedies for sunburns and tans.

Aahhhh. Nothing like the feel of your fingers in the sand. The amount of solar radiation that is really needed to produce a tan varies from person to person, depending on skin type and color. His skin color is determined by the digit, delivery, and type of pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) determined in the skin.

The facts about the sunburn and tanning

Dermatologists refer to the amount of pigmentation in the skin by categorizing skin types, ranging from type 6 to type 1.

These types, how easily you burn in the sun, SKINCARE TIPS FOR BEAUTIFUL SKIN depending on how light or darkness to establish your skin.

Sun Burn And Tanning Type 6 to Type 1.

Skin is white or light brown; as I said, these guys go up to 6, very dark skin, dark brown too, black, and type 5 is dark brown skin. Many people feel that if you have brown skin does not burn. This is not necessarily right, but not burn with dark skin has a nominal sensitivity and exposure to rare, but always a risk of skin cancer and overexposure to the sun can soothe skin and age.

Noskin type

It is practically safe from tan and UV exposure. Whatever your skin type, the sun’s energy soothes, penetrates deeply into the skin, and destroys skin cells’ DNA. This destruction may maybe soothe lead to skin cancer. People with skin cancer brown skin gather more about the body’s sharp areas, palms, and fingers are developed.

The amount of sunlight that will allocate tan varies widely from person to person. You can burn a person with honest skin in less than 15 minutes in summer, but even people with darker skin are less insightful to the sun and, consequently, rarely burn. But even tan radiation burns the skin. Your skin becomes red or black within 5:58 hours before burning. It will continue to mend in anticipation of as much as 24-72 hours.


Melanin pigment

The wits why tan does not change people with dark skin are melanin, present in the skin. Melanin is the pigment in the skin that is brown. This is because melanin absorbs ultraviolet rays, so it protects your body’s natural sun. This is not a following, but I reflect you can not even wear sunscreen. Melanin is that you stop burning in anticipation of a certain point; you soothe the extra safeguard that comes with sun safeguard.

The amount of melanin produced by your body is genetically determined, and tan phases are really handled; your body to block UV rays and tan to avoid unkind the skin. But even if you have brown skin, it is strongly recommended that you always protect your skin from sun destruction can upshot, by applying creams; sun me. You will not only protect against tan, but they will also keep away the wrinkles and reduce your risk of skin cancer. These are all excellent reasons why you must consider now.


Do you have a sunburn?

The sun is so strong down here that sometimes, despite your best efforts, you can burn them.

Here’s are some suggestions on how you can help your skin heal:

♣ Dip gauze or cloth in cold (not cold) milk and apply it to the burn. It reduces redness and soothes the skin. Additionally, the milk will create a protein film that helps relieve discomfort.

♣ Use aloe gel, either purchased or directly from the plant. Helps prevent flaking.

Don’t wear powder makeup if it’s burnt or red. The powder dries a lot and can cause flaking.

♣ Use non-menthol lip balm, which hurts on burned skin.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate !! Apply your favorite body butter or cream whenever your skin feels tight. It really helps! On the other hand … Do you have a good tan? Listen, as much as I preach on sunscreen; I’ll admit that a subtle tan looks good. Here’s how to prolong that tan:

It’s Hydrating !! Calms and plumps the skin and prevents flaking.

♣ Use a foundation that matches your skin tones. Wearing your regular makeup on tanned skin will make it look like you’re wearing a mask. A tinted moisturizer you need.

♣ Use suntan lotion to level your face … especially if you stick with the raccoon look of your sunglasses.


My basics of sun protection!

Sun Burn And Tanning  On my face, I religiously use PCA SKIN Weightless Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 45. Sweat-resistant, and really weightless, it doesn’t feel greasy at all. For the guys, I really like Coppertone’s Pure & Simple SPF 50. It is free of many of the questionable chemicals. My little one is allergic to sunscreen, which is why I love California Baby SPF 30+. It’s good old fashioned zinc oxide, and it’s a great sunscreen barrier. To keep your skin as healthy as possible during beach and pool days.

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