Effects of Covid-19 on Business in UAE – Is Business Still Beneficial?

UAE provides affordable business setup solutions for new businesses. Read Effects of Covid-19 on Business and how to set up a successful one?

Business setup in UAE in this Pandemic Situation

UAE provides affordable business setup solutions for new businesses in the mainland. To start a business, first, you should have thorough knowledge about UAE mainland, UAE marketing, about the Department of Economic Development, which all mainland companies are there in Emirates who can start a restriction-free business in local and international markets. For this, a lot of paperwork is needed, and approvals are required in a business setup.

A good consultancy helps you in each process, from the initial process to completing all documentation. They have good connections to government agencies, and you can start a business in no time. A good agency provides help in setup services like company registration in UAE, assistance with trade license requirements, Visa procedures, pro services.


They can be good partners, which is mandatory. Under the UAE commercial Law, companies are categorized for better growth and consideration. If you are planning to set up a company, Business Setup consultancy helps you go through each stage’s pros and cons.  

Advantages and Attractions 

Major Advantages and attractions of starting a business in Dubai. 

  1. Dynamic Geographical Locations
  2. Focusing on growth Centre International hub
  3. Focusing on growth Centre International hub
  4. Low Tax Liabilities
  5. One of the Best Infrastructure in the world with the best global connectivity. 
  6. Full support from the government.
  7. 100% ex-pat ownership on free zones as well as the mainland. 

The thought of starting a business in a foreign country is very complex. Provided you start a company through an agency. Business Setup consultancy has had over 25000 clients in the past 20 years in UAE. Business Setup consultancy helps us to start a company and ensures you will be there for you from starting to the end. From collecting various documents and setting up trade licenses to select the best plot for the company.

Also, they help in hiring employees, getting necessary approvals from government authorities. These are done at an affordable price. While you focus on vision goals, Business Setup consultancy will help you with other things, like getting approval from government agencies, getting trade licenses, and getting relevant permissions from higher authorities.  


Registration Process

Below is the step-by-step process of registering a company in Dubai.

  1. Select your business Activity
  2. Get a local sponsor or partner
  3. Select company structure
  4. Fix a name to your company 
  5. Get external permits and initial approvals. 
  6. Rent a commercial space
  7. Make relevant payments
  8. Get your Trade License

In detail, 

1. Business Setup Consultancy will tell you what all documents are required and try to tell the total expenses of setting up a company 

2. Then, you will need an Emirati sponsor for company registration in Dubai. If you are planning to invest 100% of the share, you can have the company’s full authority. If you don’t have money, they can arrange for you a silent sponsor to invest money while you can handle finance. 

3. Business Setup Consultancy’s expert advisors can help you select an apt system to achieve your goals. 

4. You have to reserve your trade name to the Department of Economic Development (DED) 

5. When the documents are verified, you can start your company while Business Setup consultancy employees can acquire a Trade license. 

6. What type of business you are doing doesn’t matter. U should need an Ejjari to apply for a trade license.

7. Business Setup consultancy will assist you in opening a bank account. Also, you will be aware of all the cost break up of all charges. 

8. Once you get all documents (both legal and formal), you are good to start your company. They will help you with the recruitment process. 


They also provide services other than company registration. 

  1. Sponsorship and Visa Services
  2. Public Relation Office Services
  3. Banking Assistance
  4. Investor Rights protection 
  5. Value-Added Services

1. Persons who are individually owning professional licenses or free zone companies can have investor visas. The visa is valid for 3years. The experts in Business Setup Consultancy are all well versed in visa procedures in UAE. They are all very much updated and can inform you of any information. 

2. In Business Setup consultancy pro-officers will help you in all the formalities in starting the business. Business Setup consultancy is an approved UAE pro service provider. Having a Tasheel Centre helps you to save time.

3. Business setup Consultancy also provides you with banking assistance where Business Setup consultancy has links with many other banks to start your company. There are many formalities to open a bank account. But if it’s through an agency, then it is easy. 


4. For company registration in Dubai, you should draft and attest the power of attorney, agreement of incorporation, purchase agreements, company registration documents, etc. 

5. Be in a free zone, mainland, or offshore; you need to have a business service set up to start your company in the right manner. They provide UAE trade license services, Business setup services, Business sponsorships, visa and pro services, investors rights, vat and accounting, renewal, and amendments. With these steps, you can open a company in the UAE. Hope you love reading “Effects of Covid-19 on Business”

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