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Taplink.at – The Perfect Place For Creators And Influencers

Taplink.at is perfect for creators and influencers. For those people who aim to convert social networks’ traffic to their own website, Taplink.at offers a perfect solution. Taplink enables publishers and bloggers to get visitors directly from social networks on their website or App Store page, by embedding links, sharing buttons, and notifications according to the standard iOS SDK. Moreover, Taplink helps developers create first-class apps by taking care of the distribution part. Publishers can easily publish their app in all app stores using one SDK (iOS & Android).

Taplink.at believes that today’s most effective marketing happens when content is shared through trusted sources who have large followings on social media. To reach a wider audience, you need to be where your fans are spending their time online: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. But how can you create engaging content that fits each social platform’s unique voice? How do you know what people will want to share? And most importantly… 

How do you get it all done without breaking your budget? We have a team of professional marketers with strong backgrounds in branding, SEO/SEM, and journalism that can help with these important questions and more!

✔ Discover New Traffic Stream 

✔ Great Search Ranking 

✔ No Coding Required 

✔ High Conversion Rates Benefits of using Taplink.at

✔ Discover New Traffic Stream 

✔ Great Search Ranking 

✔ No Coding Required 

✔ High Conversion Rates And much more! 

Just visit Taplink.at to see how it can help you convert social traffic into website visitors and new leads!

To use Taplink.at, first log in with your Facebook credentials (this can be done with a pseudonym). Then enter the URL of your own website where you want to send traffic. Taplink will take care of everything else: when somebody clicks on your unique link, they are sent via Facebook to your website. You can then see how many people clicked on each message, meaning you can see exactly what is working best to boost visitors to your website. However, it’s up to you whether or not you choose to promote specific content using Taplink.at – but it certainly helps if that’s part of a wider strategy!


As you may already know, there are millions of social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. While it’s impossible to follow all of them, there are many ways to promote your website with a social media presence. The best way is by using Taplink.at: An app that provides easy monetization opportunities for thousands of social media profiles registered at Taplink.at as well as for thousands of visitors following those profiles!

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