The Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Are you looking for a real estate company to invest in? Here you will get the best company that you will be sure and comfortable working with. These companies have given top results when it comes to delivering affordable investments to people. Hence, they are most trusted to put you as a client first and prevent you from losing your money, time, and properties. Giving you a chance for a perfect future.

Username Investment limited

This is the most significant real estate company in Kenya. It was established in 2013 and it rose to prominence shortly, particularly in the selling of plots for household purposes near urban areas. With this company, you are confident that you are working with a trusted real estate investment ally. They are known for always giving first-class experience to the clients. Their customer service is the best It’s one of the companies with many awards in Kenya. They have plots in places like Ngong, Nakuru, Naivasha, Tinga, Athi Rive, Matuu and Kangundo Road.

What makes username outstanding?

  • It is a company with over 8230 title deeds and this assures you that it’s trustworthy to work with and ally with the company.
  • They offer a flexible installment payment plan of up to 12 months.
  • Their prices are inclusive of title processing fees and legal fees, with no hidden charges
  • When you invest with Username, you are assured of reaping capital gains
  • Title deed delivery – they do all the paperwork for you and deliver title deeds within 6 – 12 months upon completion of payment
  • They have a research team that identifies places with high potential for growth near upcoming infrastructural developments such as highways, bypasses, railways, airports, and cities.
  • Their prices are very affordable starting from Ksh. 199,000 only.

Therefore, if you are looking for affordable plots in Kenya, you are in the right company.

AZIZI Realtors.

This company is well known for its great housing by selling and leasing its properties. Azizi is one of the most growing companies located in Lavington. You need a property for commercial, residential, and industrial Azizi is the place.


The company was established in 2019. Since then, their consistency in becoming one of the top real estate companies in Nairobi in renting and selling properties is hilarious.


It was founded in 2017. It aims at buyers of luxury properties in Africa e.g., Kenya, Ghana Egypt. With a good reputation and impeccable customer service, the company has managed to be at the forefront of its housing properties. With Vaal you get,

Lloyd Masika Limited.

It was founded in 1979. You want offices to let, residential, commercial properties Lloyd is the place. For over 40 years the company has focused on providing the best properties and offering the best services hence building its reputation as one of the top leading real estate companies.


For an affordable price, the above real estate companies have given the best services to people. I can recommend to anyone with full confidence that they will be satisfied if they invest through them.

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