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The Complete DevOps Certifications Guide for 2022

With the rise of automation, many long-standing practices are being modernized or abandoned altogether. In DevOps, various methods, tools, and ideas are brought together to deliver the product faster and more effectively. You can get DevOps certification in Riyadh  easily in 2022.

It’s not always easy for DevOps professionals to demonstrate their expertise. Certification can be a stepping stone to success and an excellent opportunity to land the best jobs for any developer. There are many DevOps courses available to help you succeed as a professional.

Employees and job seekers can demonstrate their skills by obtaining DevOps online training, which gives them an advantage over their competitors.

The most in-demand DevOps credentials in 2022 include the following.

What is DevOps?

Development and operation are intertwined in this process. These aspects are based on the Agile methodology, which reduces manual effort. Consistent, high-quality software delivery is the goal while reducing the development time.

All the information you’ll need on the most in-demand DevOps certifications is here.

How does it all work?

A company’s operations and development teams will work together across the entire production lifecycle, from design to implementation to testing. An array of skills are developed, not just one specific function. Even security and quality assurance are integrated with operations and development in a DevOps environment.

Because it adheres to basic automation principles, you can now quickly complete previously time-consuming manual tasks. The operation uses a variety of different pieces of technology and tooling. Engineers can now complete tasks previously required by an entire team, for example, without the need for a whole group.

What is the significance of DevOps certification?

  • Because of this, the interviewer has faith in your abilities as a DevOps Engineer when you have a DevOps certification.
  • It gives you an advantage in the interview process and boosts your chances of getting hired 50-60%.
  • DevOps certification will allow you to move into the advanced IT world and open up various career options.

Top DevOps cloud certifications

The entire DevOps process can be simplified and expedited by utilizing DevOps Cloud services. As a result, the first certification you should pursue is related to working in a cloud environment.

DevOps certifications are available from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. AWS certification, for example, is best if your company uses AWS for development; on the other hand, a DevOps certification for Microsoft Azure is better if your company uses Microsoft Azure.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

Assume you are a DevOps engineer with two years of AWS experience. You already have AWS Certified Developer Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. Then this is the certification for you. Once earned, you will be able to demonstrate your ability to automate security controls, governance and compliance processes, and operational activities in an AWS environment.

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Any Azure professional who has experience with DevOps, CI/CD, compliance, security, testing, or IaC will be familiar with these concepts if already working with Azure technologies. It is an excellent time to take the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification exam.

The Azure DevOps certification validates your knowledge and experience in this field. The DevOps Engineer Expert exam is only open to those who have earned the MS Certified Azure Administrator Associate, or MS Certified Azure Developer Associate credentials first.

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Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

You can obtain the Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification by administering DevOps solutions on the Google Cloud Platform for one year and having three years of industry experience. You can service, develop and operate CI/CD pipelines and manage and optimize service performance on the Google Cloud Platform.

Certifications for DevOps-oriented tools

Several certifications validate competence with DevOps tools. If your company is using a specific DevOps tool, you may want to look into obtaining certification for that tool. The following are the most sought-after DevOps tool certifications:

  1. Docker Certified Associate (DCA)

Docker is a crucial DevOps tool. To deliver, run, and manage software functions as self-contained containers, DevOps leverages Docker. DCA certification is recommended if you have worked with Docker for six months and know Linux well. This certification validates your ability to use container management abilities in DevOps environments.

  1. Kubernetes Certifications

Another essential DevOps tool is Kubernetes. An automated deployment of multi-container applications using Kubernetes is a crucial component of DevOps. Depending on your level of familiarity with Kubernetes, you can choose between two different certifications:

  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA): A CKA certification validates your abilities, knowledge, and proficiency as a Kubernetes administrator.
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD): Cloud-native application concepts like OCI-compliant container runtimes and the Python, Go, or Java programming languages are familiar to CKAD-certified application developers already designed, built and configured Kubernetes applications in the cloud.
  1. Puppet Certified Professional

Over 40,000 organizations use Puppet to automate and manage their infrastructure. This certification validates your experience working with Puppet to employers.

  1. HashiCorp Infrastructure Automation Certification: Terraform Associate

Multi-cloud infrastructure automation is the specialty of HashiCorp, a software firm that focuses on this area. One of their most popular open-source infrastructure as code (IaC) software tools, Terraform, is the basis for their HashiCorp Terraform Associate certification, which they just published for their cloud engineers.

What are the best certifications to get?

The certifications listed above will help you land a higher-paying position in the field and help you rise through the ranks at your current DevOps organization. But which certifications should you be pursuing? Consider what kind of position you’d like to pursue within the company. Are your current or future employers interested in your knowledge of specific platforms and tools? Finally, what certifications do you qualify for based on your experience?

Closing thoughts

Overall, DevOps professionals have a promising future in the technology industry. DevOps professionals need a wide range of technical and non-technical skills, including programming knowledge, familiarity with operating systems like Linux and cloud services, understanding CI/CD pipelines, cloud services, and much more. As a result, there are several standard certifications that you can pursue to advance your career in DevOps quickly.

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