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As any pet lover knows, the type and quality of pet food is so important to the overall health of an animal’s life. For many people, their pet is a part of your family. Any member of your family deserves the best nutrition with the highest quality, and that is all that anyone would want for their furry friend. But, there are so many different options for pet food out there! From different ingredients to different regulations, the options are endless for what you could possibly feed your pets – no matter what species they are. Pet food conventions are a great way to see many different types of options that are there for any number of different pets. From local distributors to world-wide brands, specifically the pet food expo Petfood Forum provides expert insights into the pet food world. Whether you are buying a specific type of pet food, or you are marketing to sell your own, there are many different opportunities that can be brought up by attending Petfood Forum on behalf of your animal family members.

Pet Food Consumer Purchasing Behavior

A large portion of this trade show focuses around the statistics and data of consumer purchasing behavior for those who buy pet food. This information allows you to see the different trends in dog food throughout the year and what is new on the market. It shows how well some brands have done compared to others and can help influence your pet food purchases based on the positive, or negative, data that was found within that year. The information provided at this conference can also benefit you as a pet food seller who is interested in promoting your own brand. Understanding purchasing behavior will help you model your products off of what people are actually buying. This will help give you a better chance at succeeding when you know what demand there is out in the world.

In-Person Networking

Attending this event gives you the opportunity to meet with those who have first-hand experience in this business. This convention is held in Kansas City this year and will be exhibiting over 300 companies who represent a different part of the pet food industry. There will be many trade show displays that will be showcasing global pet food brand owners and manufacturers. Some of those exhibitors will include:

  • Ingredient suppliers
  • Equipment and technology suppliers
  • Packing material suppliers
  • Co-packers
  • Consultants

You will be able to meet many of the pet food industry workers that make this business keep going. These valuable in-person networking experiences will hopefully help you build lasting connections and relationships with those in the industry.

Shifting Market Opportunities

In any business around the world, they all have constant changing and shifting markets that can provide different opportunities for new business and consumers at any given time. This Petfood Forum can help business owners and purchases the chance to react faster to these shift changes and stay on top of your game when the industry takes a turn. This convention will be evaluating trends and innovations that can help you anticipate curves that will help your business or your buying needs come out successful in the future. The experts at this trade show will provide expert insights for anyone at any stage of the petfood industry and is sure to be worth not only your time, but your money as well.

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