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Accounting services are one of the most important aspects of running a business. There are so many different aspects to accounting that it can often feel overwhelming. That’s why what you need is a world-leading accounting advisory firm like Accounting Advisory Asia. We offer the best customized, streamlined and efficient accounting services Singapore and make sure that everything is taken care of while delivering you transparent pricing, with no hidden charges. You can deal with us directly, or you can access our services through an accountant in Singapore. The choice is yours.

Why Choose Us:

Accurate Advice: We have the most in-depth knowledge of accounting principles (National Accounting Standard and International Accounting Standards) to help you make the right decisions. Our team is composed of accountants and one chartered accountant who helps you understand your financial needs.

Fast Processing:

We have streamlined and efficient systems to provide you with the quickest turnaround times. You can expect to get your monthly accounts in a couple of days.

Best Solutions:

Our accountants in Singapore will help you pick out a solution that fits your needs, whether that’s through our services or through an accountant in Singapore like us. Our clients range from sole proprietorships and small companies to large international corporations. Accounting Advisory Asia is the best choice for accounting services in Singapore.

Our Accounting Services Include:

Accounting: We provide full accounting solutions to help you handle your financial needs. The services we offer include annual or quarterly tax returns, bookkeeping and simple account reconciliation. You can get everything done through us without having to hire an accountant in Singapore


We are experts in tax legislation and can help you to get all the right tax exemptions, deductions and rebates you need.


We provide a full audit of your company with all your financial statements to make sure you are on track with regulatory and taxation requirements.

Cash flow Solutions:

When it comes to cash flow, we have the right tools to help you manage your cash efficiently, streamline your operating costs, improve profitability and set up effective budgets.

Financial Planning:

We are the experts for financial planning. We help customers to set up their financial plans, estimate future value and give them options.

Government and Regulatory Compliance:

We know how to navigate the government system from start to finish, from establishing a company and getting your business registered, to choosing a tax partner or representative and filing annual tax returns.

Corporate Agility & Growth:

Our professionals are experienced in helping your company grow quickly. Our accountants in Singapore will help you to create a platform for your business to grow, develop your staff and have the best management strategies.

We can also help you with:

Personal tax planning and filing Start-up company registration, company setup and company formation in Singapore; Incorporation of Company Singapore & Offshore Company Registration Singapore or Singapore Company Formation Services. We can provide a full range of services for starting or forming a new limited or private company including Company Secretarial Services.

Local Corporation Bookkeeping & Accounting Services in Singapore

Branch Office Operations, Representative offices and Branch Office Accounting Services Singapore. We also provide Offshore Company Formation, Offshore Corporate Secretarial & Compliance Services and Employment Law Support by our professional Chartered Accountants for setting up a company or office in Singapore or anywhere else in the South East Asia region. Our firm is equipped to provide services for investors who are looking to establish a presence in the region through their subsidiary office locations.

Financial Advisory Services:

Including Tax Planning and Tax Advice, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Financial Planning and Business Development. Financial Advisory Services can help companies with the establishment of a company or the introduction of a new investment strategy in Singapore. We provide comprehensive financial planning services for companies, both local and foreign, as well as for individuals who want to set up a company in Singapore or elsewhere in the world to take advantage of the many benefits that are available under this country’s corporate tax laws.

Accounting Advisory Asia is a subsidiary of Accounting Accountants Group, a leading accounting firm which serves companies in a wide range of sectors through its professional financial and tax accountants.

Accounting Accountants Group is accredited by the Singapore Institute of Certified Public Accountants (SICPA) to offer Practice Resource Resolution (PRP) services. This means that our accountants are authorized to resolve practitioner grievances for the Singapore Chartered Accountancy Board (SCCAB) Members.

Accounting Advisory Asia is a subsidiary of Accounting Accountants Group, a leading accounting firm which serves companies in a wide range of sectors through its professional financial and tax accountants. What began as a small office in 2002 has grown to expand with our professional  all over ASEAN and the world. We have developed our team with the utmost care to be the best at what we do and we’ve been selected by both local and international companies for providing the right service at all times.

We are the right choice for accounting services in Singapore.

We offer a broad range of solutions to help you manage your financial needs. Our business is growing rapidly and we have focused on developing a team of highly experienced financial and tax accountants, experts in company operations, taxation and regulatory compliance. You can get all your basic accounting services done through us (bookkeeping, reconciliation and tax returns) or you can use us as your corporate secretarial service provider to run your office.

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