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Didn’t you know that in Manali you can include skiing? In winter, Manali is shrouded in thick layers of snow, usually starting in November-December.


Didn’t you know that in Manali you can include skiing? In winter, Manali is shrouded in thick layers of snow, usually starting in November-December. This hill station is also converted into a winter sports adventure zone. It transforms Manali into a hub for action, especially in the Rohtang Pass and Solang valley of Solang Nallah. Skiing is an activity that attracts fans’ laughter. So count on skiing in Manali to be another great adventure.

Starters should employ a ski instructor to learn the skiing principles or take a short-term lesson. Experts will enjoy training and engaging in this white snowy paradise with fellow students. Comfortable clothes, appropriate shoes, sunglasses, and water-proof jackets are recommended under a woolen layer.

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For your ability, the operators provide a safe and healthy atmosphere. They supply all the equipment needed and teach vital techniques to attentive trainers who begin by introducing the basic ski equipment and skiing fundamentals (walking in skis, side steps, balancing, and most importantly, the snowplow). Depending on length and duration, the cost starts from Rs 300. The dates are between 9 am and 6 pm.

Sledge Riding

The Christmas carol is going to make it a lot of fun to ride in a horse-open sleight. Manali offers you an opportunity to ride in a nearby open sledge. Although horses or rhinestones won’t exist, you and your family can step into dear Santa Claus’s shoes and have fun in snow-capped winters. It’s going to be a living experience. Sit down in the snow-covered mountains and zip on the wooden tracks. Discover the scenic beauty and twists and turns of the trail in the Himalayas. Both Solang Valley and Rohtang will enjoy this activity in Manali.

It is advised not to compete since it could lead to injuries. Look out for incoming trails and other obstacles. It’s a good idea to be a defensive driver instead of an offensive player. First-timers can also take care of the thin ice, open water, snow-driving, and hindrances below the snow.


Another fantastic adventure to add to your Manali roster! Zorbing ensures you are rolling along the bottom, or on the river, or downhill in the case of Manali inside a giant transparent or white ball. The sport with family is enjoyable and exciting. While totally safe, claustrophobia is not recommended. Weight limitations are also available. Zorbing is accessible around Manali and even in the valley of Solang in different locations. The cost of 1 session in a zorb is approximately Rs 500. This activity is preferably kept from January to May and from October to December, as it cannot carry out the monsoon activity.


Manali’s amazing snow-covered mountains offer the ideal view for a relaxing escape. It’s an exhilarating feeling to keep yourself in the lap of nature and wake up to the sounds of shrieking birds and in the warm air full of forest smells. Imagine gazing out of your window, seeing the first rays of sun shining in the mountains!

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Wouldn’t you and your family have a lifetime of these moments? Can quench this thirst in the various campsites in Manali. The numerous terrains and highs of the campgrounds allow you to enjoy this activity in Manali all year round. There are convenient camping sites, but there are enough woollens to bring because the temperature can drop abruptly on the hills.

Hidimba Temple

Visit the Hadimba temple for those trying to make a religious or spiritual addition to their list of things to do in Manali. In 1553, after forest fires struck down previous buildings, Maharaja Bahadur Singh constructed a present wooden pagoda-like temple. The triangular temple stands on a stone platform with old Deodar trees and is crowned with pennants, bronze cloches, and a trident.

The temple is adorned with sculptures by birds, plants, and folks, while trophies are hung around the entrance. The sanctum sanctorum consists only of footprints on a stone and not of pictures or idols. The deity, particularly in the nine days of worship of Durga, is worshiped by the local people and the leaders.

An annual Dungri festival is held at the temple, and a large number of people from the area are present. This annual feature is decorated and brought into the Hidimba temple complex, the chief goddesses from various towns. Kullu Natti folk dance, drum sounds, and a lot of local enthusiasty are among the highlights. One of Manali’s best things to do!

Hot Spring Bath

The natural miracle can be seen in and around Manali in the way of hot springs, namely in the temple of Vashisht and in Manikaran, even in the snow-covered mountains. Owing to the presence of sulfur deposits, these natural springs have therapeutic properties.

The temple of Vashisht is thought to be the house of the Guru Vashisht, Lord Rama’s teacher. You and your family can learn about our mythological heritage and also get the opportunity to swim in the hot springs. This is said to have medical advantages. The temple is well linked by road and is served by local buses all day long. The hiking path is also a nice one.

Every day of the year, the temple is open. The visitor’s office is open from 7:00-9:00. Baths between 7 am, and 1 pm and 14 pm and 9 pm are open.

Manikaran is another location of hot springs. It is located on the banks of the Parvati river in Parvati Valley. Here, water is much warmer than in the temples of Vashti – insofar as in the thermal wells with temperatures varying from 65°C to 80°C, the langar or Prashad (Food) served in the Gurudwara is cooked.

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