5 Tips To Create Attractive Slideshow Using Android Devices Easily

These Tips To Create an attractive Slideshow with the help of Android Devices can help different people working online in 2021.


When it comes to creating a presentation, we need time and patience. At least you need a day to gather all information and create an appealing slideshow. However, here are a lot of times when we need to create a quick slideshow on our phones. With all the information you have, creating a slideshow using the phone can still be tricky. So, you need to look at hacks that can help you create a quick and effective slideshow on your android devices.

Knowing a few simple tricks that can help you fast track your work without compromising with the quality of the content that you have to present is imperative. So, the next time your boss emails you about a presentation that you have to give in 30 minutes, and you do not have access to a laptop, don’t fret. With these tips, your android device will ensure your slideshow is right on point.

Let’s check them out.

1. Choose a tool with variety of templates

The most common presentation tool is PowerPoint, and people use it too often that all templates circulate. So, use an online tool like Canva slideshow maker or Snappa which has thousands of professional templates at your disposal. Since it is online, and there is an app for Canva too, it will be easy to create your slideshow using a phone.

Just drag and drop your images or create a small infographic or charts using Canva or Snappa and add text and voila within minutes you are ready with your presentation.

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2. Layout the presentation on paper first

As you do not have a lot of time to create a slideshow on the Android device, and you want it to be correct, lay it on paper first. Write down the goals or message or impression that you want the audience to go home with. Then lay down the structure of the presentation, what slides will go first and what will go on last and so on.

It will ensure that you do not have to move slides up and down after creating them, which can be a bit hard with the phone. Moreover, make sure you have the data- statistics or visuals mailed and lined up in a folder in your device so that you can drag and drop it with ease in the slides.

3. Ensure that the you are able to display the presentation

Assuming you do not have time to transfer the presentation to your laptop, it is best to reach the venue where you will be showing your slide early. Get there and make sure that the HDMI output of the phone works well and when you connect to the HDMI input of the TV or projector, it works.

Getting there early and set up will ensure that you do not face any embarrassment during the slide. Also, do not be dependent on it. Sure, you didn’t get much time. But practice it so that you don’t have to look at the slide to speak.

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4. Use big fonts

The screen of your phone is small but you will be presenting on a big screen so keep the font size accordingly. Nothing should be smaller than 20 points or bigger than 30 points. Also, when it comes to typefaces, do not opt for more than two. Otherwise, your presentation will look messy and unprofessional.

5. Keep the slide short

The rule is the same. The slides need to be limited and the text should involve only the key points. Do not write paragraphs. Just the keyword and use visuals to support the sidles.

Tips for presenting

Now, you are able to create a slideshow using your smartphone. Here are some quick tips on presenting it well:

  • Start with an ice-breaker. Do not jump into the slide. Begin with an introduction and tell a relevant story or example related to the slide.
  • Make sure your tone is conversational and use hand-gesture to support your opinions
  • Do not keep looking at the slides and make eye-contact with the audience
  • Be prepared for questions.


Here’s hoping that these tips will ensure your presentation that you create using the smallest device comes out with perfect content and visual. Keep in mind, the rules are the same. Keep the attention on you and not on the slides as they are supporting cast and not the star. The best slides are the one which falls into the background with ease and lets you shine.

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