Step by Step Guide for Configuring the Wi-Fi Range Extender

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This article explains everything you need to know about Wi-Fi Range Extender and makes configuring easy by following just a few simple steps.


These days the internet has become the basic need for humans. One can be frustrated if there is no internet connection or slow internet connectivity when you are far from a Wi-Fi connection. To solve such issues wi-fi extender plays a major role. So, below are the steps to install the wi-fi range extender.

1. Plug the extender in and wait a while for the power LED to turn green.

2. Link to the wireless network on your wireless networking appliance.

3. Go to the device’s web browser and the browser will take you directly to the New Extender Setup on screen.

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4. It will also provide you with a list of existing wireless networks within the range that are available. A list will appear in front of you until your quest is finished, showing the names of all available wireless networks. Pick the new one you want to expand, which is not the current wireless network.

5. If your new wireless network is securely activated, a pop-up box will appear where you are prompted to enter a passphrase.

6. If your router supports a dual-band, you need to pick two of your new network’s networks, then press Proceed. But if this option is not chosen, my router does not support Dual Band.

7. Furthermore, you will be asked to update your Extender wireless settings. And if you do not want to make any adjustments you want, press Continue and then finalise the entire process of configuration.

8. Do not fail to search to make sure that they are correct. Link the machines to the network now.

9. As soon as you are connected successfully. Go to the extender screen and check the option again. The extender network is linked to my wireless devices.

10. Click on the finish button to close the entire setup page after you have completed all the steps.

Login steps for Wi-Fi range extender:

The aim of logging into wi-fi Extender is to monitor and control your extender with a much better way, as by logging into the extender’s web-based interface, you can adjust the passcode and other security settings. This is how you can log into the extender’s web interface:

1. Attach the wall outlet to the extender and toggle the switch on. Check whether or not the light on the power LED is flashing. If it does, then that implies that the extender is on.

2. Use the extender to connect your Wi-Fi enabled computers.

3. To try to reach the Wi-Fi network of the extender, run the network manager.

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4. Start a web browser on your computer and join the default login website, which is You should consult experts if you are unable to access this web page.

5. If you do not have one already, you will have to build a new account. To build a new account, use your email address and other basic information.

6. Pick the network you want to expand from the list of networks.

7. Upon found, to complete the login process, press the ‘Next’ button and then the ‘Finish’ button.

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Unable to reset Wi-Fi Range Extender:

1. On the back or bottom of the extender, a reset button is described.

2. As it is recessed, you can’t just push the reset button, so you’ll have to use a pointing object like a paperclip or pen to press the reset button.

3. For 5 seconds or until you see amber lights on the LEDs of the extender, press and hold the button.

4. Your extender is reset with that and now, you can configure like a new WiFi Range Extender.

If your extender can not be reset, either there could be a hardware problem or you are not pressing the reset button in the correct way. If required, take the aid of experts, but make sure that the reset process is performed correctly.

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