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Top 3 Best Apps for Japan Travel That Tourists Love

If you are the kind of person who gets excited about traveling and exploring legendary countries, then Japan might be one of the best options to place on your bucket list for this year. Many people believe that the great Nihon is a remote single piece of land on an island, when the truth is, that Japan is rather a huge group of islands which includes the exorbitant number rising over 6 thousand of them. So, this unique land can be a good choice if you are interested in experiencing variety in terms of weather conditions, thanks to the particular location of the islands. 

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable time skiing with your significant other, or the holidays of your life with your family at a sunny beach, Japan has something to offer for everyone. There are even more good reasons to visit the Japanese Empire, but before you go ahead and plan the trip, it is a smart idea to find a reliable travel app that can make your experience as pleasant as possible. So, keep reading if you want to find our top 3 ranking with the best apps for your next vacation to Japan.

1. Tripdo

This is our top rated in the list due to the number of guided tours with unbeatable benefits that you can find. From features that allow a secure booking to premium customer service and a 24/7 availability,  Tripdo is the best agency overall, which at the moment it’s available through the website but the quality offered is as high as other downloadable apps. They offer so much flexibility, giving you the freedom to cancel without any penalties, making your whole experience stress-free. Whether you are looking for an exploration tour through the 1400-year history of Asakusa or a walk around the Edo-Tokyo museum, they have you covered.

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2. Hyperdia

If you are looking for an app that specializes in making your transportation around Japan easier and simpler, this can be your go to. Actually, this is a tool with Japanese origin created to help commuters as well as tourists in this country. However, you don’t need to worry about the language since it is available in English. One of the benefits you will find in this app is the filter feature, that allows you to personalize a given search, giving you more specific results and saving time. This app is very useful since you will know the deparing hours and name of your train.

3. Japan Navitime

This is also one of the most popular options when you visit the Flowery Kingdom. It will inform you in detail about important information concerning the amazing Tokyo metropolis. You will have the choice to access navigation through your voice and you can also use the app without WiFi, making your experience easier during those times when you have no internet available on your phone. Plus, it will give you the heads up in case that your train will be delayed. Visit techairo.

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