Top 5 Best Ancient Wars Games to Play in 2022

If you have ever tried looking for the best war games on your Android or iOS device, you will realize that the available numbers are overwhelming. This gets murkier when you want to narrow it to ancient wars games because the list is long.

Hundreds of RTS, tower defense, and sniper, and risk games are available and this may drown you. That’s why we have created this list of the top 5 best ancient wars games which you can play in 2022.

1. Conflict of Nations: World War 3

This is an ancient war game that is focused on strategy, and where you play against as many as 100 players in a strategy game that could take weeks. In some instances, the game can go on for up to a month. You can start slowly, and increase the strength that will help you eliminate the other players who are taking part in the game. This interesting strategy game has enough depth and you can also play using your browser.

2. Warpath

This is a World War 2 strategy game that requires the players to command air and land units across various battlefields, including the beaches of Normandy and the Eastern Front. The players start as small militia and with time passing by, you can grow the size and the strength of your army. This is necessary so that you take down the dreaded Raven faction.

3. Company of Heroes

Perhaps, this is one of the best WW2 RTS experiences of the past 20 years. This goal is available on both iOS and Android. The developer did a great job in porting this game from the PC version to the mobile phone version, by improving the interface and the touch screen controls. This interesting game plays well on different device sizes.

4. Pacific Fire

The Pacific Fire was introduced in 2019, and it’s a deep game that combines arms wars and throws you right into the middle of WW2. Numerous scenarios can help to show you different sides to the conflict, and as a player, you should use the sea, air, and ground assets that are available to you to capture and also secure your objectives. The developer continues to add more features while the price remains affordable.

5. Heroes of Normandie

This is a decent war game that takes its inspiration from counter-style games and also from classic hex. It’s a squad-level tactical game that entails die-rolls, as well as action cards. You have to analyze the capabilities of your units and the surroundings and know how to use them better. This game is available to be played on computers and also for those who want to access it and play with their friends using their phones.


The best games that you can play have been those which revolve around nation-building, strategy, and other related things. Although there are endless choices out there, the above choices are among the best, and you can enjoy them with your family and friends.

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