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Top Three Popular Smartphone Brands And Their Significance

With the world constantly evolving in many aspects, especially in inventing new technologies, the mobile industries are in a race for making new and improved gadgets every day. For instance, Apple Company is releasing a new series of iPhones every several months, and their innovations are very revolutionary. A lot of people all around the world are so eager to go by the flow of the expensive trends, and are always waiting for the most recent and evolved technologies that stand out as more unique and significant. Compared to the previous years, cell phones are so far from what they looked like before. 

In the past, the very first phone was invented, and it is called the Telephone. Alexander Graham Bell made it in the year 1876. The design was big and heavy, and it came with wires. As more years passed, telephones with a smaller design that came with a keyboard of numbers from which you can type in the contact number of someone that you want to talk to were invented. And then came the wireless phones. Finally, in 1992, the very first smartphone, called IBM Simon, was created. It was the touch-screen phone, invented by the IBM Company. And when the 21st century came, almost all smartphones make use of newer technologies such as cloud storage to bring the user experience to a whole new level.

Here are the top three smartphone brands in the world and their significance:

  1. Samsung

First on the list is Samsung. This brand has the highest sales in the whole world! Due to its innovative features, long-lasting software, and aesthetic designs, there is no doubt that Samsung smartphones are highly in demand. This company was founded in South Korea, in 1938.

Aside from manufacturing smartphones, Samsung also invents smart gadgets such as home and electronic appliances that can make a customer’s life easier. Samsung has different variations of smartphones that also have different specs and features. Samsung also offers the best affordable phones that also have quality features. There are a lot of relevant smartphones this brand has invented, but one of the most relevant of them all that sparks a lot of people’s interests is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. This smartphone’s design is convenient because you can flip it so it may fit inside small pockets. For the people who love vintage and excellent smartphones at the same time, then consider buying this type of smartphone. 

  1. Apple

Of course, the very well-known brand, which originated in the United States, Apple. This company is popular for their gadget manufacturers such as iPhones, iPods, iWatch, Macbooks, and many more devices that play significant and convenient roles in the lives of the buyers. Commonly, the price list of Apple products is usually more expensive compared to the other manufacturers. Apple is especially famous for its series of iPhones, which began with the iPhone 1 in 2007. Then more numbers were invented such as the popular iPhone 8 and X. 

And now, the Apple Company has released the new Apple 14. With each iPhone number evolving, so are its specs and features. For example, the iPhone X has a better camera quality than the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 13 has more camera features compared to the iPhone X. One of the things that also makes the Apple brand significant is its cloud storage feature called the iCloud. With this feature, you can store more files, and you can transfer them from your iPhone to another Apple product too. And lastly, the thing that contributes most to the popularity of the Apple Brand is its camera lens. Compared to the cameras of other smartphone brands, Apple products have better quality, are much more vibrant, and have a clear camera which makes them desirable for people– especially for the ones who want to take a lot of pictures and videos. 

  1. Huawei

Last in the top three list is Huawei. This brand originated in China, in 1987. Aside from smartphones, Huawei also manufactures tablets and laptops. This is the third best-selling phone company in the whole world. Because of their innovative inventions, and with their constant evolution of awesome features, this is the third-highest in demand by the people. The Huawei brand was also the company that was the world’s largest telecom equipment maker last 2012. One of the most relevant smartphones by Huawei is the Huawei P30. This cellphone is highly recommended due to its incredible performance, and large phone storage. The Huawei P30 is one of the best-selling smartphones of the said brand.


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