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3 Most In-Demand Jobs In Seattle Despite The Pandemic

Since the pandemic has affected employment for almost two years, there has been a huge increase in demand for jobs in most nations, including Washington. Jobs in Washington, specifically Seattle, have been in high demand due to a scarcity of workers, and now that we are beginning to stand up again thanks to numerous vaccinations, it has greatly assisted us in the crisis.

Seattle is now available for various jobs, public locations, and many more that must adhere to the appropriate regulations for each individual’s safety throughout the outbreak. Maintaining adherence to the health advice of regional and local public health experts is crucial for your safety.

As a result, Seattle is now accessible for a variety of jobs. If you live in Seattle and are considering finding a job or profession that suits you, you might want to check out the most in-demand jobs in Seattle despite the pandemic:

Job #1: Cosmetologist

Cosmetic and calming skin procedures are carried out on the face and body by cosmetologists. This explains why clients who visit hair or nail salons frequently look to professionals to make them look and feel gorgeous. They offer numerous treatments to improve your skin and all kinds of services, such as applying makeup, scalp and face remedies, hairdressing, and nail care. The demand for hair quality healthcare will continue to rise as a result of a growing population, as the number of cosmetologists is predicted to rise by 19 percent on average in the next ten years, which is a quicker rate of job growth than the average for all the jobs monitored.

Therefore, if you think cosmetology is for you, get your license fully prepared. If you don’t have one, find some Seattle cosmetology school in order to get training and learn how to do things in the right and professional manner that provides clients with a positive impression of your future services.

Job #2:  Web Devs

A programmer who uses the client-server technology to create World Wide Web applications is known as a web developer. Web development is all about coding or programming that deals with the non-design aspects of constructing websites and enables functionality depending on client requirements. Applications frequently make use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many other components that are necessary for the web. In addition to creating and maintaining websites, web developers are also in charge of their technical features, such as performance, functionality, and reliability, which are indicators of a website’s speed and traffic capacity. Web designers can also produce content for the website. 

Web development careers have a strong earning potential because they are in high demand everywhere, including in Seattle, and they have gained international recognition since the pandemic started. If you think this job would be a perfect match for you, then consider making it your job. However, you must first be sure that you have the necessary skills and capabilities so that it aligns with your experience and you won’t regret things in the future.

Job #3: Marketing Research Analyst

A market research analyst is in charge of giving management the most recent information on industry developments, marketplaces, financial results, and statistical information. The market research analyst will gather, collate, and analyze data on products and market circumstances in order to find possible new markets, sales possibilities, and the most efficient ways to advertise particular items. Companies rely on data analysts to transform numbers into insights that can be used to make decisions, but they also require analytically minded people to crunch the figures to find out more about their clients, rivals, and sector.

Jobs for market research analysts have grown faster than usual because of the necessity to gather and analyze consumer demographics, preferences, opinions, wants, and behaviors in order to create marketing strategies. As a result, these positions are in high demand almost everywhere, including in Seattle. Thus, if you feel that this job is a great fit for you, think of it as a wise decision because it is in high demand, pays well, and has a good chance of expanding further in the future, which will benefit both you and your future employer’s success.


The conclusion is that there are many in-demand positions around the world, which is excellent because if businesses cannot or do not produce enough to meet demand, wages will be high because the commodity or service is relatively rare. Which makes it a good idea to choose a job that matches you. It’s better if they are in high demand, so you won’t have a hard time finding one. Not only is it advantageous in many ways, but it also helps you land your dream job. So it’s best that you never choose a job only based on the salary; instead, you should consider if the position aligns with your skills and interests to avoid making a decision you’ll later regret.


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