What are some Trending Sherwani Styles for the Groom in 2020?

You cannot stick to the same menu forever; life is all about changes, and so is fashion. Read about some Trending Sherwani Styles for the Groom in 2020.


You cannot stick to the same menu forever; life is all about changes, and so is fashion. These days designers are coming up with new fashion trends almost every day; nothing is permanent. If we talk of sherwani, recent trends and styles are coming nearly every day; since this is the pandemic, there are various face masks with designs available that go well with these trending sherwanis, due to which it becomes challenging to pick one.

And hence just like the bride, grooms as well find it hard to land the correct choice. As grooms, these days care a lot about their outfit, and they want to look perfect in it. So if you are also stuck in the same mess, need not worry as this article will do it all for you. Here are the most trending sherwani styles for the groom, which will surely make them look very special on D-Day.

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When it comes to sherwanis, gold has always been the standard choice of the grooms. It has been on the list for edges, but it is never old fashion as some tastes never die. So this is one of the best sherwani styles when it has a touch of ancient traditions and trending fashion both on the same plate.

A bright golden color sherwani embroidered with golden thread on it is just the perfect choice. To make it even more attractive, pair it with a heavy red stole and a darker shade of churidar, preferably red, to bring out this outfit’s captivated look. This is one of the best trending styles of sherwani for the groom.


Floral design is the art of arranging things plants like flowers so that they are very eye-catching. And so does the work floral prints. It is a trendy and trending style these days. Boys or girls all prefer floral print dresses, and so are the grooms. Why not try the same trend for the sherwanis. For how long do they need to stick only to those old standard styles. Now it is the time to ditch those standard and straightforward retro styles and move to some fun floral prints. Floral print on some peach colour sherwani is a perfect, new, and trending sherwani style for the grooms.

The dark red and maroon flowers on the light speech bases will be a perfect combination. You can pair this with plain white churidar, and a good pair of traditional jutti will do it all for your perfect groom look.


With this changing time choice, and people’s preferences are also changing, if we only talk about sherwani ivory is at a high pace, people like it moreover other dark and bright colours. It can make a fantastic combination with the floral print as well. 

This is a trending sherwani style for the groom floral printed on the ivory base, which can be paired with white pyjamas and pearl necklaces. This style of sherwani will make a great pair with a customized lehenga for the ceremony.

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 Gone are the days when only red and pink shades were considered options for the bride and groom’s outfit. But now it is all about fashion, and today black is the new red. 

These days, many grooms are picking black color sherwani for their wedding ceremony, and why not a hot black sherwani is a perfect trend these days, which you can surely decide for your wedding. A beautiful black velvet sherwani with floral print on top and bottom with a cut on the lower end is perfect. Also, pair it with coordinating loafers, and your outfit is pretentious enough. You are all set with a trending sherwani style, which you can put on for any of your wedding functions as it suits well for all of it.


Everyone is not into a sober and straightforward concert. Some grooms-to-be like bright and colourful concepts, while others also choose it because of some traditions. Therefore they can neither go with the ivory nor with the blacks. For such traditional colour birds, this is the perfect pic.

The grooms who desire to go with colors; this multicolor sherwani with heavy thread work is the right pick for you. This is a trending sherwani style for grooms, which can be paired with a light color churidar. Also, for add-on creativity, you can carry bright color silk stole with it, and traditional style footwear and a Kundan neckpiece will make it even more attractive. So if you are also looking for something bright and shiny, pick this trending classic multicolor sherwani to make your special day even better. 

 And the list is endless. Marriage is a big day for everyone. May it be the bride or the groom all want to look flawless and perfect on this day.

Surely you want to pick the best, so this article is the right choice for you. So from these trending sherwani styles for the groom, you can choose anyone, and trust me, you will look no less than a king and a perfect groom on your d-day. 

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