Difference Between Ceramic and Ionic Hairdryers – Which’s Best for You

These days, hairdryers are accessible with various degrees of productivity. Read Difference Between Ceramic and Ionic Hairdryers.


These days, hairdryers are accessible with various degrees of productivity. There are various kinds of warming components like ceramic, tourmaline, titanium, and furthermore most recent advances like ionic and nano de. Various kinds of hairdryers are best appropriate for various hair types. Generally, profoundly productive most recent hair dryers are made with a blend of ionic, clay, and tourmaline together.  

Ionic versus Ceramic Hair Dryers 

Ionic hair dryers utilize a particular innovation when contrasted with other best hairdryers. For the most part, standard hair dryers utilize a typical procedure of essentially blowing hot air which can dry the wet hairs. Though Ionic hair dryers are minimally unmistakable, here in these dryers an electromagnetic field is fabricated and delivers adversely charged particles. These adversely charged particles break the decidedly charged water atoms and lock the hair fingernail skin with the end goal that the dampness gets safeguarded inside it. The dampness enables your hair to look glossy and sodden. 

Investigating ceramic hair dryers, in these kinds of hair dryers the clay material likewise called as porcelain is utilized. The fired material can be utilized in various manners. In these kinds of hair dryers, the warming curl or any inner aspect of the dryer is made of fired. 

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Clay dryers are more profitable, these dryers produce an even warmth that doesn’t make hair harsh and harmed. Clay hair dryers produce infrared beams, which helps in blood flow. 

Preferences of Ionic Hair Dryers 

  • Ionic hair dryers are quicker 
  • Ionic hair dryers need less dry time 
  • Blows the hot air in addition to dissipates the water 
  • Locks the damp inside the hair and makes hair gleaming 
  • Ionic hair dryers don’t harm the hair 
  • Reasonable for fine hair type 

Hindrances of Ionic Hair Dryers 

  • Ionic hair dryers are undependable for customary use and long span of time since they assemble an electromagnetic field which might be hurtful 
  • Costly than other hair dryers 
  • Not reasonable for youngsters 
  • Not reasonable for styling 
  • Not reasonable for dainty and frizz long hairs 
  • Over drying, may harm your hair 

Preferences of Ceramic Hair Dryers 

  • Fired material in artistic hair dryers gives even warms over the surface 
  • Fired hair dryers give infrared beams 
  • Doesn’t consume your hair 
  • Useful for both styling and hair drying 
  • Makes your hair smoother, shinier and fun 
  • Best appropriate for standard clients 
  • Locks the hair fingernail skin and remains the dampness inside the hair 
  • Produces negative particles which help in eliminating frizz from the hair 

Weaknesses of Ceramic Hair Dryers 

Costly, when contrasted and metallic snaked traditional hair dryers 

Other than ionic and artistic, a lot further developed innovation hair dryers are currently accessible. The present moving and most effective hair dryers are the combinational hair dryers. There are diverse hair dryers-clay is joined with ionic innovation, ionic innovation in tourmaline and fired with titanium or tourmaline, and so forth. 


The ionic joined with artistic hair dryers are best reasonable for a wide range of hair. These dryers are a lot costly yet at the same time, it will be a wise venture for individuals who use hair dryers for blowing or styling routinely. These are cheap when contrasted and another combinational one.

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Before you purchase a hair dryer check sort of hairdryer reasonable for your hair type and be cautious with the brand you pick on the grounds that huge numbers of the hairdryer brands don’t enlighten you concerning the material and its innovation.

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