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How to Unlock Temporarily Locked Facebook Account? Step by Step Guide

Facebook is a platform used by billions of people worldwide, and most of us know about it. Read about how to Unlock Facebook Account if it’s temporarily locked.


Facebook is a platform used by billions of people worldwide, and most of us know about it. Facebook is one of the top social media websites globally, and people from all countries use it except china. 

The reason for this unchallenged popularity is the features offered by the platform. But security has been one of the most vital issues in recent years. There are many hacking attempts at people’s profiles and to the system as well. We often hear that these many accounts have been compromised by a particular service. Fortunately, Facebook is one such platform that has not been compromised till now. Multiple attempts were made towards the service, but it wasn’t compromised. 

Facebook has employed tough security measures to keep away the hackers and other non-authorized users. And whenever this kind of thing happens, it will ask for the ownership of the account. And when people are not able to provide proof of ownership, then the account gets locked. So, if you are one such user whose account has been locked and you want a solution, then you’ve come to the right page. Today, we will talk about the reasons why your account gets locked and how to unlock it. 

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Let’s get started. 

Reasons for Temporary Account lock

There could be multiple reasons why the Facebook team has logged out of the account. Here is a list of reasons:

  • Multiple users have reported your account for illegal activities on the platform. It happens only when a large number of users report your account on the platform. 
  • Warnings from Facebook – Despite multiple warnings from Facebook, you did not stop spam on the platform. In that case, Facebook will lock the account temporarily, and once the period is over, you will be able to access the account. 
  • It is also possible that Facebook might lock the account if they suspect suspicious activity to your account. 

Recover Temporarily Locked Facebook Account

Well, here are the steps you need to take to recover the temporarily locked Facebook account with ease. 

Wait for some Time – Once the account is locked by the Facebook team, you wait a few days and not open the account in that period. If you wait for a few days, the account will be unlocked automatically, and you wouldn’t need to do anything else. 

But you must remember to clear the cache and cookies of the browser you are using before logging in to the account. If you are not able to access the account even after the waiting period is over, then it means the account was locked because of suspicious activities or term violations. In those cases, you will have to prove that you are the owner of the account. 

Submit an Appeal – if you cannot access them automatically, you have another option. You can submit an appeal to Facebook about the locked and explain the situation. If your appeal has any merit, then your account will be unlocked without any hassle. Here is the procedure to submit an appeal. 

  • Open any search engine on the internet and then search for ‘My Facebook account was disabled‘ and open the first result. You can also open that page from the help section of Facebook. 
  • Now, you have to enter the email ID or mobile of the account number you are using. 
  • Then, enter the full name and select an ID proof
  • The ID proof will be used to verify that indeed you are the owner of the account. 
  • After that, click on the Send button, and the appeal will reach the Facebook team. 

They will consider the appeal and reply within a few days. Mostly, they unlock the account, but you will be given a warning for the future. 

Recover locked Facebook Account – If you cannot recover the account with the above two methods, you should reset the password right away to regain access to the account. 

Steps to reset the password for the account:

  • Open Facebook.com in your favorite web browser and then click on the Forgot Password link from the login form. 
  • Now, enter the Facebook ID and then click on the Search button to fetch the database’s account. 
  • Now, select an option for the verification and then click on the Continue button. 
  • Now, copy the verification code from the mobile or alternate email id and then enter it into the verify box. 
  • Now, click on the Next button to reach the final step and enter the password and confirm it. 
  • Now, click on the Save changes button to save the password in the database. 

Now, you’ve reset the Facebook profile password, which will allow you to regain access to the account once again. 

These three methods should help you in recovering or unlocking the temporarily locked Facebook account without any trouble. You don’t necessarily need to follow all three steps; only one could work for you. 

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