Truck Accident Prevention: 6 Tips for Avoiding a Collision

If you drive a truck for a living, your job will expose you to the risk of an accident every day. You’ll develop habits and take precautions to help protect yourself and other drivers. But there’s one circumstance that many truckers don’t prepare themselves for: when another vehicle hits their truck from behind. One of the best services you can find when it comes to helping after an accident is san jose heavy duty towing.

In order to help prevent these tragedies from happening, here are 6 tips for avoiding a collision if your truck is hit from behind:

1) Check traffic before changing lanes

Before you change lanes on a highway, be sure to check your blind spot for any drivers who may have been caught off guard. If another vehicle is in the lane next to you and decides to change into your lane without checking their blind spot, a collision could occur if you’re not prepared to move out of their way.

2) Allow larger vehicles extra space

When changing lanes on a highway, be sure to look out for drivers driving much larger vehicles than yours. Trucks and buses require more space and time to slow down than cars do, so you’ll need to give them extra room before moving in front of them on the road. If you don’t, one of these large vehicles may not be able to stop in time before colliding with your truck.

3) Keep yourself and others safe

Drivers need to always check their blind spots before changing lanes, but this is especially necessary when you see an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of the road ahead. Be sure to give them plenty of space by slowing down or changing lanes, and make sure not to stop on the highway. If you can’t move out of their way without causing a hazard, continue driving at your current speed while staying in your lane.

4) Signal your intentions

If you need to change lanes on a highway or are making any other kind of turn, be sure to use your turn signals to indicate that you’re going to do so. It lets other drivers know your intentions and will allow them time to slow down if they need to move out of your way.

5) Know what a “large vehicle” looks like

Drivers of trucks and vehicles with trailers should be aware that any large vehicle can pose a danger to their safety if they don’t give them enough space. Some common types of large vehicles you should be aware of include:

  • Semi-trucks and tractor-trailers
  • Motor homes or passenger buses
  • Construction equipment, such as a bulldozer or backhoe

By knowing what these vehicles look like and how much room you’ll need to give them, you can stay safe on the road.

6) Don’t tailgate

When you’re driving a large vehicle, other drivers may feel pressured to move out of your way as soon as possible simply because they want to avoid getting hit from behind. Unfortunately, many of these drivers will not check their blind spots before moving, which can cause a collision if you’re not prepared to stop on the road.

In conclusion, when in such an accident, engage an Atlanta truck accident lawyer if you believe you need legal advice or representation in court.

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