Try These 5 Free AI Background Generators in 2024

The right background can either make or break a good photograph. However, finding the most fitting one and creating it does not always come easy. That’s when the AI-powered background generators become useful. These handy devices allow you to generate countless backgrounds at once.

Artificial intelligence enables them to create backgrounds for you based on your preferences. You can select from various types of styles, colors, and patterns in order to have your tailor-made background. From plain colors to textured wallpapers, landscapes to abstract shapes – it goes on and on.

What is more attractive is that many great background generators are totally free. If you wish to take your photos as well as designs into 2024, check out these top 5 free AI background generators below.

Part 1. What is an AI Background Generator?

AI background generator is a software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically create wallpapers and backgrounds. By typing a text or selecting style, users can generate different kinds of backgrounds quickly.

For example, AI photo background generators work based on complex deep learning algorithms trained with massive datasets consisting of images. The program has learned to create novel backdrops after having “seen” millions of examples during its training. In this case, the algorithm generates a new background image using its training data in response to the user’s inputted text description.

Some key capabilities of AI photo background generators include:

  • Generating backgrounds based on text descriptions like “cherry blossoms”, “abstract shapes”, or even moods like “serene” or “energetic”. Hence, a personalized backdrop is created by the AI.
  • Offering various artistic styles to choose from like watercolor, sketch, oil painting etc. This provides grounds for developing diverse aesthetics while making backgrounds.
  • Outputting backgrounds in different dimensions suitable for projects. For instance, standard sizes such as 1080p or 4K resolution.
  • Providing unique backgrounds every time rather than templates. As such, the AI will produce fresh new backdrops at each instant.

Part 2. Top 5 Free AI Background Generators

With AI photo background generators becoming more advanced, there are now many excellent free options available online. After reviewing dozens of generators, here are 5 of the top free AI background generators to try out in 2024:

1. insMind

insMind is a powerful AI background generator created specifically for ecommerce product photography. It utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze your product images and instantly generate optimized backgrounds. It is the best free AI background generator.


  • Generates 100,000+ high-quality backgrounds tailored for products
  • Backgrounds are perfectly integrated into the scene
  • Focuses on creating clean, minimalist backgrounds
  • Very fast processing time


  • It is relatively new on the market.

2. Photoroom

Photoroom is a user-friendly background editor that also includes an AI generator for creating backgrounds. It’s great for social media images.


  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Tons of style options like solid colors, gradients, patterns
  • Browser and mobile app available
  • Completely free version available


  • Lower resolution backgrounds
  • Watermark on free backgrounds

3. Pixelcut

Pixelcut is an AI art generator that can create abstract wallpapers. The backgrounds have an artistic, painted look. It is also a free background generator.


  • Create original abstract/texture backgrounds
  • Fun, colorful art styles
  • Mobile app available
  • 100% free without watermarks


  • Limited control over backgrounds
  • Requires signup

4. Picsart

Piscart is a cartoon/anime style background generator. Great for creating fun, illustrated backgrounds.


  • Make backgrounds with cute cartoons/anime characters
  • Customize characters poses, expressions, etc
  • Mobile friendly site
  • New backgrounds generated instantly


  • Limited character/scene options
  • Requires free signup

5. Capcut

Capcut is a popular video editor app with a built-in background generator. The backgrounds have a stylish, aesthetic vibe.


  • Trendy backgrounds for social media
  • Change background easily in videos
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Completely free


  • Limited style options
  • Lower resolution backgrounds

With these 5 options, you can start creating stunning AI-generated backgrounds immediately for free. Try them out to take your images and videos to the next level.

Part 3. Benefits of Using AI Photo Background Remover

Using an AI background remover can provide immense value for designers, photographers, and anyone working with images. Here are some of the key benefits of AI-powered background removal tools:

Saves Time

Manually removing backgrounds in Photoshop or other editing software can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. AI background removers can instantly cut out the background with just one click. This frees up hours that can be better spent on creative tasks.


The latest AI algorithms utilize deep learning to accurately identify foreground subjects like people and objects. This allows cleanly cutting out even complex elements like hair, fur, and transparent objects that are very difficult to select manually.

Easy to Use

AI background removers are designed to be simple and intuitive. There’s no need for any technical expertise. Users can just upload an image and download the cutout result.


You can remove backgrounds from hundreds of images in bulk with AI. This is perfect for ecommerce sellers, social media managers, and other use cases requiring large volumes of edited images.


Some AI removers allow choosing custom backgrounds or applying stylized effects. This level of control isn’t possible manually.


Many excellent AI background removers are completely free or offer affordable paid plans. The time and cost savings are massive compared to manual editing.

AI background removal supercharges your workflow by saving time, enhancing accuracy, and enabling creative possibilities. The technology has evolved to the point where virtually anyone can benefit from instantly removing backgrounds with AI.


The background generators based on artificial intelligence help you to create unique and attractive graphics for various projects. So, the benefits are time-saving, opportunities for customization and the ability to produce backgrounds as many as needed from a text prompt or using the suggested style.

However, based on the experience of using the top free AI background generators, it will be important to pay attention to insMind. The features of this powerful generator are implemented by deep learning technologies; thus, it produces more than 100,000 high definition backgrounds adapted to photographing products. Try it today!

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