Understanding and buying earbuds

Earbuds are increasingly getting popular. This is due to one major reason – they are wireless. Each and every manufacturer in the market is now rushing to create the best pair of earbuds. This has resulted into a wide variety of earbuds, with JBL Earbuds leading the market.

This has also created challenges for the purchasers since it makes it difficult to make the right choice. Therefore, it is important that a potential purchaser understands them before making any sale.

Following are things that you need to understand before buying any pair of earbuds:

  • Costs

There are various earbuds in the market. This automatically means that there will be different costs as well. This is why you need to know the prices of different models in order to make a complete assessment. Good quality of earbuds will always come at a cost. It is highly unlikely to get brand new quality oriented earbuds at a cheaper price. If you want to get hands on high quality, then you should be prepared to spend some money.

  • Battery life

Earbuds manufacturers will always provide you with specifications in relation to battery life of the pair. Typically, a good earbud will have a play time between four to six hours. This is continuous playing time. If a manufacturer boasts twelve to fourteen hours of playing time, then probably it is a lie or it is not continuous playing time. In any case, choose a pair which has good battery life.

  • Controls

The best earbuds in the market have good controls. This means it will have good buttons and control pads which can be used to increase volume, take phone calls or perform other functions. Earbuds which are cheaper do not have good controls. It is definitely important to choose earbuds which have responsive controls. There are various models in the market that can be purchased in this regard. Similar is the case with other audio equipments. If you are purchasing a Sound Bar, make sure you purchase one with responsive controls.

  • Noise cancellation technology

An important factor to consider while purchasing an earbud is whether it has noise cancellation technology or not. There are many models which will boast this important feature. This helps in reducing the external noises. It is often used for professional purposes. The technology has advanced at such a level that the noise cancellation levels can be adjusted.

  • Volume

Although this factor seems an obvious one to take into account, a lot of people fail to consider it. There are many earbuds and all of them are not created equally. Some models will require you to turn up the volume to full to get the right quality of audio. On the other hand, some models will require to set at least at 50%.


Earbuds can be used for multiple reasons. In fact, these are now used at a professional and commercial level. However, take into account above factors before making the purchase.

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