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Using These Tips, you’ll Be Able To Solve Any Phone Repair Issue

Even though my husband is a nice and sweet man, I know that, at times, I may be hard to deal with. No one could imagine how, just a month after I got a new phone, I was calling tech support again, crying and begging to get their help.

It was a Sunday night and I had finished a really long day at the office. I arrived home looking forward for some good rest, but things were about to take a dramatic turn for the worse. I noticed that my new phone was malfunctioning again.

It had started to turn off and on by itself. I tried to charge it, thinking that it would work, but after a while, it needed to be charged again. Maybe it needed a new charger?

I searched around, hoping to find one that would fit, and finally found one in my mom’s drawer.

As I placed the new charger into my phone, hoping it would save my phone from the dead, I noticed something weird on the charger. It was pretty, with a golden pattern and some fancy writing, but it was not like any charger I had ever seen before. When I had first found it, I had thought it was a closeout, so I had bought it.

It was really nice, a new charger that I had to have, so I had it plugged in and everything should have been perfect.

Now, think about this; when you have finished charging the phone, it doesn’t always turn on. It just sometimes does, but this time it was different. It was vibrating, then it buzzed, then it blared. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had lost count of how many times I had recharged my phone, so I had no idea that I had plugged in a bad charger.

I had to find a way to turn the phone off.

I tried turning it off and on, but still, it wouldn’t turn off. I unplugged the charger and the phone finally turned off, but that was pretty much the end of my phone.

I began to check the battery as my husband tried to get things back in order again. I don’t know how long I had tried to charge my phone before I called, but my hands had begun to shake. I was about to burst into tears.

I was on the phone for about two hours seeking their help and the first thing they did was send me to the Apple store. On the phone I could hear people laughing at me, having a good time. I could hear them making jokes and my head was starting to hurt. I knew that being told I can’t fix my phone was going to be the hardest thing I ever heard.

Create a better phone repair experience with these three strategies

Customizing your phone to suit your needs is a powerful way to create a better phone repair experience. Over time, wear and tear on any device will cause the content of the screen or back glass to yellow, which is not only unsightly but also increases the risk of cracked screens. When that happens, it’s tempting to just buy a new phone and get started fresh again.

However, there are ways you can stay in touch with friends and family without sacrificing convenience or compromising responsiveness. You can even use your phone after the screen and back glass have yellowed.

Avoiding phone screens that have yellowed can be as simple as managing your own screen time. The more you use high-tech devices, the more dirt and grime they accumulate and the quicker they will show signs of wear. To avoid this problem, take advantage of your device’s display brightness settings by turning off unnecessary applications or putting your phone on Airplane mode when you aren’t using it, so there’s less work for the screen to do in terms of maintaining a clear display.

If you find that your phone’s display is really yellowing, consider getting an anti-reflective screen protector of some kind. While these are not permanent solutions, they will trap the dirt more effectively, reducing the need to use a cleaning cloth or remove the screen protector when you travel.

You can also take advantage of your phone’s ability to change skins by updating to another one, though please note that you should always do a backup before doing so. You never know what might go wrong in the process. You can also expand your customizations with accessories or apps and software from third-party vendors like InstaDigi and VoodooPhone for example.

But before making a change, think about what kind of phone you have. A 4-inch screen is not very portable in terms of weight or size, so it might be nice to have the reachability and functionality of a 6-inch screen in a smaller package. Some smaller screens can also be brought in close enough to your face that you can touch the screen without having to stretch your hand all the way out.

Another option for those with small hands or who are physically challenged, is an iPod Touch or an iPhone 5S with a 3.

Ignorance about phone repair: 13 myths

*Myth 1: Mobile phone is expensive

*Myth 2: Mobile phones do NOT break easily

*Myth 3: Buying a screen protector will make your phone look old and ugly

*Myth 4: Your warranty doesn’t cover water damages

*Myth 5: Broken mobile phone can be fixed for free at a store near you

*Myth 6: The new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has the most durable glass ever used on a smartphone.  This statement is misleading. The glass on the S8 Plus is only slightly more hardened than that on the iPhone 7 and Pixel XL, and all three of these phones rank behind other devices in this area.

*Myth 7: A broken screen is the only type of damage that can be done to a phone.

*Myth 8: Phone repairs in India are expensive. No, not anymore!

*Myth 9: Electronics stores always charge high rates for repairing your mobile phone.

*Myth 10: Online services always charge high rates for repairing your mobile phone.

*Myth 11: As a last resort, you can go to the local repair shop near my home and they will help me with my broke phone problems.

*Myth 12: A broken smartphone can be repaired on the spot, just like that.

*Myth 13: Laptops come with a 3 month warranty, please call your nearest service center for any fatal hardware problems.

— The truth is that most people prefer to buy an unlocked phone and purchase the accessories from the local store whenever and wherever required.

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