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What are localization and contextualization?

In order to create a successful global branding strategy, companies often need to localize their campaigns and products for different markets. But what exactly does localization mean? And how is it different from contextualization? In this post, we’ll explore the differences between these two terms and examine the benefits of each approach. Stay tuned!

Localization and Contextualization describe processes of translating website content into other languages and designing website content for a specific culture. These processes are sometimes interchangeable, but on some occasions, they involve creating website content from scratch rather than just translating existing website text

Website localization is the process of adapting website content to reflect the language and cultural differences. This includes:

Translating website text to target audience’s native language

• Changing website layout, color schemes, and images to suit cultural preferences

• Creating website text or imagery that responds to cultural sensitivities (e.g., religious holidays)

Contextualizing websites is the process of presenting website information in ways that respond directly to customers’ relevant needs and concerns.

So, localization and contextualization are important aspects of creating a great user experience. By taking the time to localize your content and make it contextually relevant to your users, you can create a website or app that is much more intuitive and satisfying to use. Have you tried localized or contextually relevant design in your own projects? Let us know how it went in the comments!

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