What Everybody Must Know About Allstate Denied my Roof Claim

Too many roofing contractors and insurance representatives are still peddling myths about roof insurance that are costing homeowners a lot of money. And all state denied my roof claim is just one company playing the blame game. According to its ads, it’s not their fault your insured building was destroyed by a storm, but rather because you didn’t have an Allstate plan.

about Allstate denied my roof claim.

  • The Insurance Company Has No Legal Authority to Endorse, Endorsement, Authority to Endorsement, or Insure an Individual Roof Overhang as Required by State Law.
  • The Insurance Company Does Not Have the Legal or Moral Right To Legally Mortgage Your Roof Overhang. Insurance companies have no proven legal right to endorse and insure  particular roof overhangs. Insurance companies are only allowed to write and endorse those portions of a building that they can legally insure. In both federal law and state law, there is no such thing as ‘endorsement’ or any similar legal term which gives the insurance company the right to endorse or legally mortgage one portion of an individual roof overhang. The insurance company has no legal authority to endorse, endorsement, or have any endorsement over the particular portion of your roof overhang that was damaged by a storm.
  • It’s Up To You Think About Your Insurance Coverage, And If You Do Want To Insure Your Overhang Then Settle With the Insurance Company Directly. In Florida, If a Contractor Does Not Insure Your Roof Overhang, and Allstate is not allowed to insure or endorse your roof overhang; then no other contractor can insure your roof overhang.

Thanks to this untold secret, I was denied a roof claim by Allstate within days.

I had been robbed, my car totaled and I needed to get my car replaced

all state denied my roof claim they wouldn’t cover it because of the wood shingle roof that’s on the home. They claimed there was not enough information given about what other materials were used or how affordable those replacement materials were going to be when I submitted my claim.

Allstate said they wouldn’t cover it because the house was built before 1990. They said it didn’t fit their policy’s roof-replacement coverage requirements.

I called Allstate to check [for] the roof that was on the house when it was built. I found out that there were no shingles at all on what you see when you look up at my roof. They are made of titanium with a cement like material that kept them from flying off.

I thought Allstate was going to cover my roof. Then I got a letter in the mail that said they weren’t going to pay for it. They said their records had a date that showed when the materials were put onto my house.

I was denied because of this one little thing, but it’s not so little because now I have to take out a loan in order to fix the roof and nobody’s is going to give you an interest-free loan on something like this.

I can’t even claim it on my taxes because it’s not a home repair, but I’m still going to have to pay tax on the interest I’m going to have to pay from this loan.

So, Allstate is going to force me out of my home at the end of each month for thirty years because I can’t afford anything that’s good for my house. I know you know what I’m talking about and you’ve probably dealt with a lot of this yourself.

The Philosophy Of Allstate Denied my Roof Claim.

You’re in need of a new roof, and insurance coverage will only cover half the cost. You call up your insurance company to see if they can help with the rest of the bill, but you quickly find out that all state denied my roof claim! What now?

We have all been there at one point or another–facing a big expense and only finding out later that our insurance is not going to cover it. I know it’s a lot to ask, but as a consumer-based economy we should be able to trust that our insurance companies won’t deny our coverage unfairly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Allstate backs out because you don’t have the proper documents needed for the roof replacement

According to this Consumer Affairs article, insurance companies are allowed to deny coverage on a variety of claims. It is customary for insurance carriers to require proof from a roofer, such as an invoice, work order or payment slip, to prove that the job was done and that the customer was aware of the cost prior to its completion.

If you are unsure of what documents are necessary for your claim, call up your roofing company and ask for some advice. It is best to go into this with a clear understanding of what paperwork you need to provide your insurance carrier. If you do not have the required documents from your contractor, then it is possible that they might deny your claim until they have received them.

Allstate refused to cover the damages after your replacement

After homeowners have had their new roofs installed, they then should file a claim with their insurance company. The policy stipulates that if the home owner has more than one policy issue on the same day, it is possible that the insurance company will not go through with the claim. This is why it’s important to remember to only file one claim per day. If you feel as if your all state denied my roof claim, it is also possible that they may not go through with covering your loss.

When each insurance company handles claims in different ways, it can be difficult to understand what exactly is happening in terms of coverage and reimbursement.

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