What is a bank statement?

Bank statement is legal and official document that gives information about all transactions that are made in an account over a specific period in most banks it is one month. With the help of this bank statement one can know where, when and who did changes with his/her money in account. Bank statements helps account holder to check his/her account activities.

Fake bank statement:

 Bank statements help one to gather all the information relating to his/her account. Fake bank statement is a bank statement that make the transactions that never happen real. Means fake bank statement make someone to believe that certain transactions have had happened. It creates a document that looks real but the information in that document may or may not be real. That’s what it means creating a fake bank statement.

Benefits of Fake Bank Statement:

Creating a fake bank statement is a risky and unofficial task but there are following benefits of fake bank statements:

  • One can loan money in critical crisis using fake bank statement and other documents related to loan.
  • Students can buy database for their college/university projects using fake bank statements.
  • Person can borrow many things from companies and other lenders using fake bank statements because bank statement will show that you return loan on time.

Types of loans:

There are following eight different type of loans that one can get using fake bank statement

1.      Unsecured Personal loan:

Personal loans are mostly use for important personal issues like for wedding preparation, college fees etc. You don’t need to give any collateral for unsecure personal loans in case of bank statements.

2.      Secured Personal Loan:

For secure personal loans one need to give anything as collateral in case of loan return failure.

3.      Payday Loans:

Very easy type of loans to get. These are short term and due date for these loans are next salary day.

4.      Title loans:

These types of loans are borrowing money for something special like for buying car, bike etc. One can get 25 to 50% of loan for these things.

5.      Pawn shop loans:

This loan is very easy to get and almost every US citizen have already got their pawn shop loan. Pawn shops give loan for valuable items, but they usually have high interest rates.

6.      Payday alternative loans:

Payday alternative loans are more affordable and easier to get than only payday loans. Just like payday it is short term, but it is offered by federal credit unions. PAL has longer repayment period.

7.      Home equity loans:

It is type of secured loans, but collateral is specific to home only. One will have to give his/her home as a collateral to borrow money. And the money you will get, will depends on equity present in home.

8.      Credit card cash advances:

It is also short-term loan. One can get loan from credit card. Credit card gives advance cash as a loan.

Fake bank statement requirements:

In order not to get caught, fake bank statement shall have following things

  • Sign of some official authority.
  • All mandatory details that official bank statement usually have.
  • Better salutation to make it more real.

If a fake bank statement has these aspects, it will look more real and acceptable.


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