What is an eBook? How it Works and Complete Guide for Everyone

An eBook is nothing more than an electronic book. An important guide for most people who don’t know anything about eBooks or lack of info.


Hi Friends, Today I will answer these questions like What is an eBook? How to make an eBook? Do I need a device to read? Where can I get free eBooks? If you want to know the answers to these questions. Then it would help if you read this whole article.


An eBook (alternative spelling e-book) is nothing more than an electronic book. Digital books are available in the following formats like AZW, CBZ, CBR, CBC, CHM, DOC, DOCX, EPUB, FB2, HTML, LIT, LRF, KFX, MOBI, OEB, ODT, PDF, PRC, PDB, PML, RB, RTF, TCR, TXT. But you don’t need to deal with all the format variants because only PDF, EPUB, and AZW are important.

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PDF (Portable Document Format)

Adobe Systems developed the PDF format for viewing and printing documents true to the original (PostScript format). Amazon has its own PostScript format and calls it “Print Replica.” A fixed design of the pages makes sense for texts with visual elements. That is why there are specialist books, textbooks, comics, or children’s books mostly as PDF versions. Because the page layout cannot adapt to the output device, reading on small screens is uncomfortable. That is why the PDF format is only conditionally suitable for eBooks.

EPUB (Electronic Publication)

EPUB is an open standard for eBooks; i.e., it is not tied to a manufacturer. The source code is open and can be used by anyone. In contrast to the PDF format, the content adapts to the respective size of the display. For this reason, the EPUB format is handy for text-based books such as novels, crime novels, or poems.

AZW (Amazon Kindle)

Amazon developed the AZW format. As with the EPUB format, the content is displayed dynamically. That means, depending on the device, the text adapts to the size of the screen. Amazon only uses AZW files. The eBooks are offered both with and without copy protection. The digital rights management DRM (Digital Rights Management) is used for this.

How do I read an eBook?

You can read eBooks either using special devices (eBook readers) or using an app. First, let’s turn to eBook readers. Amazon offers a range of readers under the Kindle brand. They are primarily used to read eBooks from Amazon’s own online shop. Nevertheless, PDF files also work on Amazon devices. However, EPUB formats cannot be processed. You have to use devices from other manufacturers (e.g., Kobo or Tolino) for this. These, in turn, are not compatible with Amazon’s AZW format. Do you, therefore, need at least two readers to be able to use all eBooks? This depends on whether the files are protected. If the eBooks do not have copy protection, then the formats can be converted. The free software Caliber is suitable for the conversion.

Reading with app

As mentioned before, the reader is not necessary to use digital books. Amazon offers a zero-tariff reading app for its eBooks. This can be installed on computers, tablets, and smartphones. The competitor system Tolino also offers an app for reading eBooks on Android or Apple devices. Furthermore, the mentioned program Caliber can be used for this purpose.

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How to make an Own eBook?

If you want to create your own eBook, then follow my 5 steps.

Step 1. You must have a computer and MS word.

Step 2. Open MS-Word and Write your eBook.

Step 3. Click left side on the Corner in MS-Word and click Save As.

Step 4. After That, rename this document name to a custom name (You can set the ebook name).

Step 5. After these 4 steps, Click Save as File to select the eBook format as PDF.

After these steps, you can save this eBook from your own Computer. And if you are interested in reading Hindi Articles. Then you can read How to make an eBook in Hindi Step by step Guide with Screenshots. 

Where can I buy eBooks?

eBooks can be bought or borrowed using both the reader and the reading apps. Shopping in an online shop is more convenient. In the case of Amazon, this is the Kindle page. Competitor Apple sells eBooks through the Book Store preinstalled on Apple devices. The digital books purchased here can only be used on Apple devices. If you want to use the EPUB or PDF format, you are at the ebook.de’s right address at eBook.de. With over 2 million books, eBook.de is one of the largest providers in Germany. Then there are Thalia and Weltbild, which also offer a wide range of digital books. In addition to online retailers, some publishers also offer eBooks directly from their program. By the way, you don’t have to compare prices when searching for eBooks. Digital books fall under the Book Price Fixing Act (BuchPrG) and must be sold at a set price.

Where can I get eBooks for free?

Why are books even given free of charge? The first reason is the so-called public domain. Copyright expires 70 years after the author’s death. Some organizations collect these free works and make them available to everyone. In this context, Project Gutenberg has taken on a pioneering role. Unfortunately, readers from Germany are currently unable to use the offer due to a legal dispute. But there are other providers such as Feed books.

The second source of supply for free digital books opens up for university members. We are talking about the online pages of the university libraries. Here students and teachers can download eBooks. These offers are not really free because the universities have contracts with the publishers and pay for them. However, the user does not notice anything. He has the opportunity to access a large pool of specialist literature without having to pay for it directly.

A third reason is the lack of profit-making intent. Hobby writers are an example. They are not interested in selling their works, but in a creative pastime. The BookRix website is a good starting point for such eBooks. Furthermore, many scientific books are offered without the intention of generating income. You can find these works in special databases. If you are interested in this, you should read our article “Using repositories for literature searches.”

Finally, eBooks are also given out free of charge for advertising purposes. As part of promotional campaigns, paid eBooks can be obtained “for free” for a limited period of time. The xtme.de page provides information about these campaigns.

You can borrow eBooks, which are not free but inexpensive. You can do this in many public libraries or online shops. At Amazon, the program is called “Kindle Unlimited.” You buy an “eBook flat rate” and can borrow up to 10 ebooks simultaneously.

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