12 Things to Do in Your Meal – Habits of Successful People

Successful people use their break time wisely. Read about the habits of successful people and improve your way of eating.


When work accumulates or seeks to be more productive, the first thing that is usually sacrificed is the time of rest. Contrary to what one might think, eating isolated at the desk in front of the computer monitor, or not pausing activities to move forward with work is an attack on efficiency and creativity.

Successful people use their break time wisely. Of course, you should take advantage to eat and renew energy, but not only that, people with a winning spirit understand the importance of the balance between work, personal life, physical and mental well-being, as well as the development of personal interests, therefore, Make the most of your free time and what better time than during work-rest? 

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Here are the 12 things to do in your meal to lead a more balanced and full life.

1. Find a hobby

Take advantage of free time to learn and develop skills in a subject you are passionate about and serve you professionally or personally, such as courses, law assignment help, diplomas, or tutorials on online platforms and applications.

Also, on mobile devices, you can perform an infinite number of activities to develop creativity and release stress: digital drawing, puzzles, trivia, writing a blog, playing chess, among others.

2. Address personal issues

Focus on resolving personal matters that cannot be taken care of during the morning or evening, such as paying bank or service bills, having medical tests or attending medical appointments, and buying some pantry for the week, among other activities.

3. Exercise

Performing some moderate physical activity such as walking, stretching, push-ups, and even yoga is necessary to stay focused and healthy. Many companies know this and include exercise routines within their facilities.

4. Take a walk

Leaving the office and changing the scenery helps clear your mind, even if you only have time to take a walk through the surrounding streets. The contact with the outdoors resuscitates, and if possible, it is recommended to visit a nearby park to surround yourself with nature and return to the office with renewed energy.

5. Build relationships

Successful people are aware of the importance of cultivating valuable relationships at work. This is a simpler task when working in a coworking space, where you live with other professionals.

It is advisable to leave from time to time the group of friends with whom you will always eat to join new groups, meet people from other areas of the company or even from other companies. 

6. Distract yourself with issues totally unrelated to work

It is very healthy to change the mental channel when reading a book, listening to a podcast, watching videos, or visiting blogs that deal with fun or personal interest topics that have nothing to do with work or the functions developed there.

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7. Consent

Recognizing one’s own effort helps cultivate healthy self-esteem. Meet a whim from time to time simply because we deserve it: going to the favorite restaurant, ordering a huge dessert, visiting a spa, trying a new haircut, etc., is a great help to maintain a positive attitude and raise personal satisfaction.

8. Plan the rest of the day

The first thing that many people do when they arrive at the office is to plan their day, but as hours go by, unforeseen events may arise that alter the itinerary. Rest time is a good time to restructure the schedule for the rest of the day, not only from work but also after the workday.

9. Invite old friends

Meeting friends from years ago is fun and comforting, but the busy current life, the great distances in the city, or family commitments often keep us away for a long time.

Several of them likely work in the same area, and it is easier to plan a meeting during lunchtime than to make the agendas coincide during a weekend. 

10. Meditate

We are social beings. Naturally, we meet with other people during leisure time; however, enjoying a moment alone to meditate is a very effective option to reduce stress, favor efficient decision-making, and promote problem-solving.

It would help if you are looking for a quiet and quiet place as possible, maybe listen to relaxing music with headphones. 

The purpose of meditation is to completely blank the mind to clarify it and connect with the interior. As an immediate result, the tension is reduced, and with frequent practice, mental clarity and ease of concentration are obtained at all times.

11. Disconnect

Regardless of the activity chosen during the break time, you must block and disconnect from everything related to work as much as possible; this means not checking emails, not answering phone calls or messages.

12. Eat Well!

With so many options of things to do in your food, you should not forget precisely that: feed, but do it with peace of mind, in a pleasant space, that help you forget for a moment everything related to work and refresh your mind.

Our performance depends directly on the food we consume, and therefore it is important to have a healthy menu for the office.

Lunch should be easy to digest and low fat, include proteins for memory and cognitive functions, carbohydrates to recover energy, fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water to prevent dehydration.


It is possible to carry out one or several of these activities if a weekly calendar is designed, for example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to take a walk in the park and meditate, Tuesday for an online course, and Thursday to dedicate it to meet new people.

I hope these Habits of Successful People will help you to be more productive.

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