What Is SAFe® And 10 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Agile management methods are gaining popularity. As of now, around 71% of global organisations have adopted agile practises. When comparing the SAFe® system to the Scrum methodology, the latter’s advantages are easily outweighed by the former. Conversely, the Leading SAFe course has gathered an unbelievable significant amount of attention in the corporate sector, which isn’t surprising considering the growing number of enterprises switching to Agile.

Boundary expansion and market development

Only a few numbers of professionals who have obtained the SAFe Agilist Certification are permitted access to the SAFe community and forum. This benefit is available for a full year. All SAFe Agilist Professionals are invited to share and discuss their SAFe experiences, practises, and approaches in this forum. These topics are all covered in the SAFe Agilist Training course.

Utilize Continuous Delivery to Your Advantage

If you have the SAFe Agile certification, you may learn how to use and mix DevOps. This will enable you to assemble a sizable crew in order to provide the consumer with continuous delivery. Professionals may acquire the knowledge required to work with the DevOps team in order to manage the growing volume of work by achieving Continuous Delivery, which enables frequent releases. This training is offered through SAFe Training and SAFE Agile certifications.

Value with Timely Access

The SAFe principles support the Agile Release Train, and after each sprint the product is added to the Agile Release Train. This process for ensuring is something that is beneficial. In a nutshell, SAFe Agilist Training and SAFe Agilist Training contribute to speeding up the delivery of valuable client functionality into production.

Using a Lean-Agile Methodology

Lean-Agile is based on the Agile Manifesto, which is nothing more than a collection of ideas that the SAFe leadership has embraced in terms of concepts, philosophies, and practises. Lean-Agile methodology serves as the foundation for SAFe. Lean agile is a methodology that places a high priority on adapting, allowing, and implementing the fundamental principles, norms, and processes of Agile.

Increases in Pay check

One of the compelling and motivating reasons to complete SAFe Agilist Training and Certification is the compensation package. You could anticipate a big rise in your income if you become certified as a SAFe Agilist.

With Regard to Organizational Needs, More Efficiently

The demands of businesses today are continually changing along with those of their clients. It is in the best interests of businesses to choose the method that will best meet their consumers’ needs. You will be able to execute the Lean Start-up Process and Lean UX with the help of this accreditation and training, which will enable you to quickly test ideas, innovations, and creative processes.

enhances one’s capacity for decision-making

It is undoubtedly one of the strongest justifications for receiving SAFe certification and SAFe training. Making decisions is the most crucial aspect of any business since the results of those decisions will have an impact on the entire organisation.

Assists in simplifying complex project aspects

Large and complex projects are often undertaken using the SAFe methodology. SAFe makes it possible for several Scrum teams to work together on the creation of a challenging product. The

SAFe methodology is very open and approachable, simple to comprehend, and basic. It supports the creation of thorough solutions and is founded on a set of guiding principles.

Increase the value of your career and profile

A SAFe certification increases the value and weight of your profile and undoubtedly boosts your career chances. Owning this qualification is equivalent to having gold on the global market. Given that everyone now claims to be an Agile Professional, it might be difficult to tell the difference between certified and uncertified specialists. You may set yourself apart from the competition by earning this SAFe certification, which will also attest to your understanding of the SAFe methodology.

Certification That Is Recognized Worldwide

The SAFe Agilist certification is one of the most well-known credentials in the world, and it is still useful on a global level. It is also well known around the world. As a result, if you possess a SAFe Agilist Qualification, you may aim for or imagine working wherever in the world since you will have the accepted and relevant credentials, abilities, and competence to support your desire.


Since there are no negatives, earning SAFe® certification has more advantages than disadvantages. Learn about Lean-Agile ideas, the ability to make wise organisational decisions, continuous deployment, and many other important skills and competencies by studying for the SAFe® certification.

It offers potential for more lucrative employment possibilities and an improvement in total earnings as a whole.

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